State profiles of energy efficiency opportunities in the south

Figure 10: Industrial Sector Savings

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Figure 10: Industrial Sector Savings

Figure 11: Industrial Sector Savings by Fuel Type

Efficient Technology Opportunities

The projected energy-efficiency potential can be realized through an array of new and existing technologies. Energy Efficiency in the South describes a number of these.

Emerging residential products can provide greater energy savings without sacrificing performance. For instance, currently available heat pump water heaters can cut annual energy costs for water heating up to 62%. 10
Opportunities for commercial energy efficiency may be obtained through technologies like the geothermal heat pump (ground-source heat pump), which can reduce energy consumption by up to 44% when compared to air-source heat pumps and by up to 72% when compared to electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment. Though the installation cost is higher, the long lifetime of 20-25 years ensures energy bill saving benefits over time. 11
Super boilers, which represent over 95 percent fuel-to-steam efficiency, can be implemented in the industrial sector. This technology is able to improve heat transfer through the use of advanced firetubes with extended surfaces that help achieve a compact design through reducing size, weight, and footprint. The advanced heat recovery system combines compact economizers, a humidifying air heater, and a patented transport membrane condenser. 12
These technologies are illustrative. Please refer to Energy Efficiency in the South by Brown et al. for additional technology descriptions and examples.

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