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State of California Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Governor

State Independent Living Council (SILC)

1600 “K” Street, Suite 100

Sacramento, CA 95814

Voice: (916) 445-0142

Fax: (916) 445-5973

TTY/TDD: (916) 445-5627

Minutes SILC Executive Committee

July 25, 2011 1:00 – 3:00

Call to Order: 1:00


Elsa Quezada, SILC Chair

Susan Madison, SILC Vice-chair

Cherie Phoenix, Chair Communication and Collaboration Committee

Louis Frick, Chair Governance Committee

Jessie Lorenz, Co-chair SPIL Committee

Eli Gelardin, Co-chair SPIL Committee

Ana Acton, Department of Rehabilitation, DOR

Teddie-Joy Remhild, Past SILC Chair

Liz Pazdral, SILC Staff

Raul Arambula, SILC Staff

Caroline Disney, SILC Staff

Public Comment - none

Approve Minutes from May 23, 2011 – Cherie moved to approve, Eli 2nd – roll call vote, all yes, Jessie abstain.
Committee Reports

Executive Committee – Elsa Quezada, Chair (2011 Executive Committee Goals and Objectives)

1. Monitor diversity in all committees and SILC activities

Discussion: The current Diversity Plan ended in 2010, and it should be updated to go through 2013. The work so far has been with Kim Cantrell at California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC). Elsa suggested updating the plan to propose at the August meeting, in order to approve it at the Executive Committee level and have it ready to present to the next SILC Quarterly Meeting in September. Louis will lead an Ad Hoc committee to address the drafting of a new Diversity Plan. Cherie suggested aligning future Diversity Plans with the planning of the next SPIL. Others thought that might add too many projects to the planning of the SPIL.

2. Act on behalf of the SILC between quarterly meetings

For all the numbered topics in Executive Committee, unless other discussion is listed, the activities under this topic from the committee responsibility document were reviewed.

3. Coordinate activities of other committees

4. Oversee Executive Director’s annual workplan and evaluation

Update on ED Salary recommendation: There was a miscommunication with Department of General Services, DGS about the recommendation letter needed to initiate the salary adjustment. HR staff at DOR to assist SILC staff to resolve this as appropriate.

Governance Committee - Louis Frick, Chair

Discussion: A review and approval of the Policy and Procedures manual was completed by Dan Boomer. One emerging issue was revising the qualifying Ex Officio language. Liz will follow up with Megan and present to the SILC in September at the Quarterly Meeting. Elsa chaired the last Governance Committee meeting in Louis’ absence on July 7. They reviewed the Goals of the committee. Liz reviewed the minutes.

Discussion: The Governance Committee encourages self assessment individually and as the SILC. Individual members are encouraged to set personal goals. Elsa has template Louis can share with members for self-evaluation. SILC members who would like to could meet with members of State Rehabilitation Council, SRC, the day before the quarterly meeting in September to discuss future combined Needs Assessment. Susan and Cherie will help Louis design an instrument/ tool to start with for the Executive Director performance evaluation. Elsa and Louis encouraged Executive Director Self-evaluation. Liz suggested hiring a consultant, and Louis said that would be helpful.

Communication and Collaboration – Cherie Phoenix, Chair

Planning for 2012 legislative breakfast – Cherie will be setting goals about the Legislative Breakfast next year to present at the next Quarterly Meeting.

Susan led the Governance Committee meeting on July 7 for Cherie, who was sick. Liz reviewed the minutes from that meeting.

The next meeting will be August 10, 1:00 – 2:30.

SPIL Committee – Eli Gelardin

Eli welcomes Jessie back.

Discussion: Ana reiterated the new concept of “Super Notice of Funding Available (NOFAs)”, a federal grant making tool which DOR believes would make the 7B allocation process more efficient. Firstly, the process would start earlier in the fiscal year than it has previously. Stakeholders and interested applicants would be encouraged to submit “Letters of Intent (LOI)” or “Concept Papers” to operationalize the SPIL into projects and potential dollar amounts. The information from the LOI process would be used to shape one single, large, Request for Proposal which would itemize all the projects and money available and receive all the responses at one time. The goal would be to receive the LOI’s by September 30th and to issue the Super NOFA by October 30.
Ana also restated the plans for combining the 7B Technical Assistance funds and using them to engage a pool of consultants with expertise that eligible not-for-profits could receive free assistance from. This is a process DOR uses successfully in some of their other units such as Collaborative Services. Liz and Ana will meet 3:30 Wednesday, July 27 and form a list of questions to ask ILCs. The questions should go out the end of this week. The questionnaire was sent out by Dan (Clark?) to the 8 TBI centers. Ana suggested naming 5-6 topics, and request 2 “trainers” per topic.
Addition to the Project Management table: An Interagency Agreement, IA, request through San Diego State University, SDSU, was approved.

There will be a meeting for stakeholders of the new Department of Mental Health factions August 2. They will review funding positions. SILC needs to send letter of support to Governor’s office.

Report from Liz

A review of the breakout groups from quarterly meeting showed lots of good ideas. How can we maintain momentum?

  • formulate a list serve to keep people informed and participating? Sooner is better.

  • Define who will monitor, what will be the time frame.

During SPIL evaluation process it was evident that lots of activities at the local level help meet the SPIL Goals and objectives. SILC Staff are developing a process to glean information needed to report on activities. Susan suggested having conversation rather than emails.

In gathering information for the needs assessment, the SILC can share resources with State Rehabilitation Council, SRC. When DOR invites testimonies, it limits the sources. Rehabilitation Services Administration, RSA suggested soliciting information from many other sources. DOR needs data to back up requests for funding. Susan suggested gathering other Needs Assessments from collaborating organizations, and using the model from our last Needs Assessment, and use community forums. Teddie-Joy suggested inviting sources to webinars, and mapping out a schedule for collecting and reporting.

NCIL report: Eli and Liz met with Katie Wheeler Mathews from the Governor’s office in Washington DC, who solidified the message that nothing is moving in D.C., but that she would be willing to build a relationship. Diane Rovai was elected the Region 9 representative to NCIL. Attendees learned that the Work Incentives Act, WIA, did not have a number assigned to it and wasn’t moving in Congress.

Next SPIL Meeting Date is August 22nd, 1:00 – 2:30.

Liz will submit Single-Trip request for a Council member to attend SILC Congress in January.

Adjournment – Eli moved, Susan 2nd, motion carried unanimously, 2:35

The SILC Mission: To Maximize options for Independence for Persons With Disabilities.

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