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Mr. Boehs C 102 World History 500AD till Present Fall 2011

Unit 4 : Connecting Hemispheres 500-1800 _80___/ points

Chapter 19: An Age of Exploration and Isolation, 1400-1800

Content Vocabulary

1. diamyo

2. haiku

3. kabuki

People and Events to Identify (Short Answers) To answer the following terms, the content vocabulary needs to be used in your short answer. Please underline the content vocabulary.

1. Bartolomeu Dias

2. Prince Henry

3. Vasco da Gama

4. Treaty of Tordesillas

5. Dutch East India Company

6. Ming Dynasty

7. Hongwu

8. Yonglo

9. Zheng He

10. Manchus Qing

11. Kangxi

12. Oda Nobunaga

13. Toyotomi Hideyoshi

14. Tokugawa Shogunate

Document Based Question: Please write in complete sentences. Use the documents below and what you have learned to answer the 2 questions below.

“But I was careful not to refer to these Westerners as “Great Officals,” and corrected Governor Liu Yin-shu when he referred to the Jesuits Regis and Fridelli … as if they were honored imperial commissioners. For even though some of the Western methods are different from our own, and may even be an improvement, there is little about them that are new. The principles of mathematics all derive from the Book of Changes, and the Western are Chinese in origin: this Algebra – “A-erh-chu-pa-erh” – springs from an eastern world. And though it was indeed the Westerners who showed us something our ancient calendar experts did not know – namely how to calculate the angles of the northern pole – this but shows the truth of what Chu Hsi arrived at through his investigation of things: the earth is like the yoke within an egg.”

Kangxi, quoted in Emperor of China: Self-Portrait of K’ang-Hsi

1. Describe Kangxi’s thoughts about Europeans.

2. What can be inferred about Kangxi’s beliefs about China?

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