Standup Comedy Workshop

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Standup Comedy Workshop
WHAT: LEARN Standup Comedy and Improvisation!
WHO: You!
Learn to make people laugh!!!
NO experience Necessary. All classes are in English.
Requirements: To have an urge to make people laugh and to have fun!!
-learn to improve your public speaking skills

-live out your dream of doing standup comedy

-create your own comedy persona

-learn to get more laughs and to create a comedy act based on your ideas and stories

-learn the structure and basics of comedy writing

-develop stage presence, confidence, creativity, communicational skills

-be part of the FIRST fulltime comedy club in Asia!
WHEN: On a MON NIGHT from 7pm-11pm, check for next class schedule.
WHERE: The TakeOut Comedy Club HK, 34 Elgin Street, Soho, the FIRST fulltime Comedy Club in Asia, China and Hong Kong
HOW: Registration REQUIRED, email for reservations, Only $500HK per person
"What you learn in Jami's class applies to both performance and other forms of public speaking; his tips really work!" …..Jim Brewsky (WINNER, 2014 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition)
Fabulous!”…..Nury Vittachi (Author and Journalist)
"Excellent comedy class. Covers the basics in great detail, and provides all you need to get started doing standup comedy!"…..Umar Rana (Founder, Comedy Masala Singapore)
A great place to start if you are interested in the basics of stand up comedy or public speaking in general.  Tons of fun!”.....Turner Sparks (Founder, Kung Fu Komedy Shanghai)
A must for beginners! Covers everything ranging from the simplest to the most important things comedians tend to take for granted.”…..Leandro Soares (Founder, Bangkok Hilarious)
Jami's class is perfect for standup comics who want to kill on stage. It's comprehensive and eye-opening with real take-aways you can use.”….Handol Kim (Founder, Republic of Comedy Taiwan)
"We learned more than just telling jokes.  We learned a whole new way of observing the world and how to make it funny."….. Gary Jackson (Founder, Comedy Cebu, Philippines)
"I attended Jami's stand-up comedy workshop to help me add more humor into my presentations.  I'm a trainer and public speaker by profession and his tips were practical and effective.  I used them the very next morning in one of my speeches.  I engaged the audience immediately and had them laughing about an otherwise dry topic.  Afterwards, I received many compliments about how fun my talk was.  I recommend the workshop for anyone who needs to liven up their presentation skills.  Thanks, Jami!"…..Bernice Lee (Director, The Etiquette & Leadership Institute)
Unique and Effective!”….. Steve Marcopoto (President, Turner Asia)
"Just wanted to say thank you for a really interesting comedy class last night. I incorporated some of your techniques in my first lesson this morning with success. Getting sleepy teenagers to laugh at 8:30am was an awesome start to the day!"…..Vivian J
It is more than just comedy, the class gives you skills you can use in your professional life too!”…..James Z
"It was so much fun learning how to be funny!"....Diane H
"The class was exciting, fun and informative. There is no better way to get you started on standup comedy. Not only did we learn about how to write and perform, we got to go on stage at the end of the class! Jami really made an effort to encourage us and push us to accomplish more." …..Jean L
This class is a great insight in to all aspects of comedy. The course looks at comedy structure, terminology, how to get started and includes plenty of practical advice. I found the whole event entertaining, informative and a unique opportunity to see the inner workings of comedy. If you love comedy then this course is a must. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain”….. Keone K

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