Standard-Based Weekly Lesson Plan for Course/Content Area Instructor: K. M. Braggs Content Area: English iii-american Literature Room: 224 Week: 7

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Activities and Strategies (Include do now, instructional activities, student activities [guided/independent], and closure): Do Now: identifying emotional appeal. Large group share out on Do Now, Introduction to Patrick Henry and Emotional and Logical appeal in speeches PPT, Notes, Discussion. Exit ticket: Choose topic for persuasive essay from prompts (2nd period only) Exit ticket: Format for Persuasive introductory paragraph (Hook, Line and statement of intent) and checklist. MYP writing unit: Who I am ( close reading analysis of 3 short stories of cultural American experience ( Alexie, Chan, McBride), discussion on role of author in society, intention of author to bring about social change (MYP area of interaction) Exit Ticket: MYP unit writing Who I am assignment (*essay on self as dual citizen) and rubric explanation Q & A

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