Standard-Based Weekly Lesson Plan for Course/Content Area Instructor: K. M. Braggs Content Area: English iii-american Literature Room: 224 Week: 7

Alternative Instructional Activities and Strategies

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Alternative Instructional Activities and Strategies: (anticipating student confusion, please include other strategies to help students who do not understand after the first set of instructional activities and strategies)
Homework: Parallel structure handout #2

Tuesday (9-20-11)
Daily Objective:

Skills: What the students will be able to do…use word choice and context clues to infer main idea and author’s intention using supporting details in selection of complicated literature (Patrick Henry’s Speech to Virginia Convention).

Activities and Strategies (Include do now, instructional activities, student activities [guided/independent], and closure): Do Now: Parallel Sentence Structure, Peer Review (large group share out). Review of using loaded language, Ethos Pathos and Logos from Thomas Paine’s Crisis #1, Audio recording and chunking notes of Patrick Henry’s Speech in the Virginia Convention. Large group share out of do loaded language (Appeals to Ethos, Pathos and Logos) notes and discussion.

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