Stage 1-Desired Results

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Teacher’s Name: School:

Unit Title: Grade Level:
Approximate Time Frame:

Stage 1-Desired Results

Content Standards: (List the Standards that your school district requires you to use, i.e. state standards or national standards. Please include the wording, not just the numbers.)

Understandings: (Briefly describe what you want your students to understand and retain at the end of the unit, for example: knowledge and explanation of events, actions, ideas; interpretations and narratives that provide meaning; effective applications of knowledge in new contexts; critical and insightful points of view; ability to get inside another person’s worldview; self-knowledge to understand how one’s patterns of thought and action inform as well as prejudice understanding.)

Students will know: (List the outcomes.)

Students will be able to: (List the outcomes.)

Brief Summary of the Unit: (Describe the content of the unit in a paragraph.)

Stage 2- Assessment Evidence

Performance Task: (Briefly describe the task you will use to assess whether your students know and can do what you have taught them.)
Performance Task Statement: Students will


Be able to do:_________________________________________________________________________
Rubric to accompany Performance Task: (Include the rubric or assessment system that you used to assess the performance task.)

Other Evidence Summarized (tests, essays, work sample): (Briefly describe other assessments that you used in the unit.)
Stage 3: Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction:
(Include two-page lesson plans for each of the lessons in your unit. Use the template below.)

Lesson Template




State or National Standards:


Phase/Time Frame The Teacher Will The Student Will




Sufficient and Revealing Evidence of Understanding: Check off and briefly explain. (Check off the method you used for checking your students’ understanding and explain.)
Informal Check:
Quiz/ Test:
Academic Prompt:
Performance Task / Project:

Special Needs: (Briefly describe the modifications/accommodations you made for special needs children in your classroom.)



Assignments for Next Class:

Resources Used: Websites, books, film clips,

Lesson Plan Reflection
Fill out one of these templates at the end of every lesson you teach.

Description of Findings from Formative Assessment

Teacher Response and Questions

Triumphs, Concerns, Surprises, …

Feedback & Perspectives of Others …

Lesson Plan Reflection Sample
Fill out one of these templates at the end of every lesson you teach.

Description of Findings from Formative Assessment

Teacher Response & Questions

Exit Ticket Question: “Name 2 causes of the Civil War”

  • Most students knew at least one cause

  • Over 50% named “race” as a cause

  • No one said “economy”

Exit Ticket Question: “What is confusing about today?”

(typical student responses)

  1. Why was farming important?

  2. Did abolitionists really believe in racial equality?

  3. Who cares about this stuff?

List causes and tallies from today’s exit ticket on overhead at beginning of class tomorrow. See if anyone can come up with “economy” when I ask what’s missing. Prompt them if they can’t.

  1. Link farming to previous economy discussion.

  2. Question for co-op: How deeply can I discuss race in this class? How would students respond to a heart-to-heart conversation?

  3. I’m not making the Civil War relevant and they’ll never learn if they don’t care. Reserve time tomorrow for guided discussion … “How would my life be different if the Civil War had not happened?”

Triumphs, Concerns, Surprises, Questions …

3 students fell asleep today! How can I get them more involved?

Donnie did his homework!

Feedback & Perspectives of others …

My co-op said that a race discussion would be OK as long as I provide structure and plan carefully. Added bonus – more likely to keep everyone awake than today’s lecture!

Summative Student Work Sample Analysis (no more than 3 pages)

Attach 3 samples of student work (one good, average, and poor).

Briefly describe the samples and analyze how the work reflects the students’ understanding.

Evaluate the overall effectiveness of your unit in terms of student learning.

Describe what modifications you might make to the unit plan when you teach it again.

When you return to summer school next year:

Hand in a copy of your unit plan to the department chairperson.

Participate in a sharing session with educators from the three language schools and present your work. The suggested format for the presentation is a PowerPoint presentation consisting of no more than 5 slides. Suggested format:

Slide 1: Title and short description of the unit.

Slide 2: Describe what your students will understand at the end of the unit: What they will know and what they will be able to do.

Slide 3: Standards addressed and assessments.

Slide 4: Sample of performance task or assignment.

Slide 5: What worked well (and what didn’t).

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