ST. paul’s parent council minutes may 12, 2008. Council members

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Rosalba Blahuta; Cindy Gallagher; Connie Power; Dorothy Hagel; Kelly Dobson; Randy Skakun; Wafa Nohra; Finamore, Brian; Bridget O'Toole; Carla Bissola; Hastings, Caroline; Christina Jeremiah; Christine Gutt; Fiona Pereira; George McDougall; Gina Divito; Janice Cormier; Dmytrasz, John; Lucy DiMascio; Lucy Simpson; Zita, Lucy; Caldarelli, Rosa; Susie Giovenco; Teresa Nix; Tom McCarthy; Vera Catani





1. Opening prayer, reflection


Mr. Schmidt


2. Student Council Report



-unable to attend-at night school

3. Teacher Rep Report


Ms. Caldarelli

 -accident car is hopefully a deterrent for reckless driving

-Spirit week events have begun

-Student Council elections on May 29

-ACT Now Garage Sale May 31

-late warning letters for students doing poorly

June 16-20- Exams

4. Parish/School liaison


Mr. McCarthy

- Fr. Norm in Ecuador

- Fr. Noel attended St. Paul play

5. Treasurers Report

Ms DiVito

- account is stable

6. Principal’s Report


P. Schmidt

-See How They Run-excellent performance

-suggestion for Parent Council to sell tax next year

-June 2 week Gr. 9 EQAO math test

-website has many links for student assistance

-in August, Tech team will do a workshop for new parents about how to navigate the St. Paul website

-hoping to save$4-6,000.00 on printing costs for newsletter

-High Skills Major course outlined: areas covered-construction, environment, broadcasting, communication

-Ministry initiative to enable more technically minded students to get jobs still being investigated

-Eco-source rep to work with school next year

-will investigate new methods of travelling –cycling on May 31 at Cawthra Community Center-website




7. V.P.  Report



J. Dmytrasz

-new uniforms should be available in August

-sweatshirt available at McCarthy’s

8.  Mr. Attanasio


-presentation about the Math curriculum

-topics covered:

EQAO results discussed

-geometry moved up in curriculum to address results that it was not as well done as other units

MATH CONTESTS may help students to get into post-secondary institutions

MATH CURRICULUM to be revised again in 2013


- technology and manipulatives for applied level

-transfer courses

-compression of Math 5 years into 4 years

-TIPS 4RM and TI NSPIRE CAS PROJECT  programs to help students

--Gr 9 tutorials for EQAO preparation

-Ministry projects:

Gr 9 Transfer course project

e-Learning Ontario Writing Project lessons for Mat Advanced functions

-Gr 12 summer project Global Warming project –school website has a number of helpful sites for secondary math




June Social TBA


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