St. Catherine University—Minneapolis Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences English 1105: College Writing Section: M41 crn: 11407

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St. Catherine University—Minneapolis

Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences

English 1105: College Writing

Section: M41

CRN: 11407

4 Credits

Fall 2011

Monday-Thursday, 1pm-3pm
Instructor: Luke Pingel


Office: Room 437

Office Hours: Monday 9am-10am, 12pm-1pm

Tuesday 9am-10am

Thursday 9am-10am

Friday 9am-10am
Course Overview:
Through frequent practice and study of writing, College Writing introduces students to typical writing practices, including an emphasis on critical reading and developing well-structured, analytical and argumentative essays.

Activities include but are not limited to: introduction to academic genres of reading and writing; critical reading and analysis of writing for rhetorical principles of audience, purpose, and argumentative strategies; an introduction to performing research with electronic and print library; and sequenced readings and writing, with a beginning-level research paper as major assignment.

Members of the class will practice using writing to develop, refine, and communicate ideas in academic contexts. Students should expect to write formally and informally, produce drafts, read and respond to each other’s drafts, and revise, edit, and proofread. In addition, students will share their writing with others in the class, receive responses from others, and read and respond carefully to the work of others.
All of this means that the class is structured around writing activities, discussion of reading and writing, and group work of various kinds. Students need to be active participants in this course, and help insure the success of the course for all by making positive contributions to activities, assignments, and discussion.
Course Outcomes:

At the successful conclusion of College Writing, students will be able to do the following:

• communicate their ideas and those of others to specific audiences
• control prewriting and planning strategies to arrive at a focused topic
• craft thesis statements that indicate a clear position on a topic and tie the paper together
• develop a topic in a paper format through clearly structured paragraphs so that ideas are fully explained, assertions are backed up, supporting evidence is sufficient and claims are credible
• through the sequence of assignments, develop a body of knowledge and growing perspective on a topic
• make choices in their own writing and articulate other options
• write in appropriate academic genres and computer media to communicate with different audiences
• identify an author’s audience, purpose, argument, and assumptions (i.e., critical reading) in an analysis paper or class discussion
• locate and evaluate relevant scholarly and popular sources on a research topic using library resources
• properly and ethically use MLA documentation format for in-text and external bibliographic citations of scholarly, popular, and electronic sources
• consistently follow standards of written, edited English

Required Textbooks:

  • The Bedford Handbook, 7e. 2006. Diana Hacker.

  • The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion.

  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Jean-Dominique Bauby.

  • The Color Purple. Alice Walker.

Grading Breakdown:
Summary-Evaluation Essay: 25%

Compare-Contrast Essay: 30%

Final Comprehensive Essay: 25%

Short Response Essays: 10%

Quizzes: 10%
NOTE: You have the option to revise and resubmit one of your papers for a higher score anytime before the end of the semester.
Late Policy:
Because the bulk of your learning will come from the feedback I provide you with about your writing, it is absolutely crucial that you have your work finished on time each class.

I have differing late policies on different assignments, in an effort to be reasonable to both you (the student) and me (the instructor).

Late Short Response Essays: Will be accepted up to three days late, with a half-point deduction for each day past due. After three days, no credit will be given.
Late Quizzes: Will not be accepted.
Late First Drafts: Will not be accepted. Additionally, five percent will be deducted from your score on the final draft. This is because I need to work steadily in order to return my comments to you with an appropriate amount of time to work on your revision. I cannot do my job effectively if you do not do yours.
Late Final Drafts: Will be accepted up to one week late, with a third of a letter grade deducted per day. For example, a B+ essay becomes a B after a day, then a B-, etc. This can have a tremendous impact on your final grade, so again, please be timely in turning your work in.
Absence Policy:
Your attendance is absolutely crucial to your success in this course. I fully expect that you will be present in class on time each day. Students are allowed two absences from class; for students who miss more than two classes, five percentage points will be lowered for each additional absence from your final grade.
If class is canceled for any reason, all deadlines will be in effect for the next scheduled class date. Keep up with the assignments on your syllabus calendar. Any necessary adjustments will be made after we return to class.
Presenting another person's ideas or writing as your own without proper citation is a violation of academic integrity, and will not be tolerated. It is expected that you will bring your own authentic ideas to your work, and appropriately make an effort to credit other sources you utilize. This may result in your failing of the assignment, though severe infractions may result in failing of the course. For more details see Bedford, pp. 593-596.

Student Services:

The Learning Center offers walk-in hours for tutoring in College Writing. If you know now that you have some writing issues to work on, please be proactive and set up appointments with a tutor or a writing specialist two to five days before the assignment is due.

Students with disabilities who believe they may need an accommodation in this class are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of Student Disability Services as soon as possible to ensure accommodations are implemented.  The Coordinator of Student Disability Services is located on the third floor of the Education Building, Office 369, and can be reached by telephone at 651-690-8160.
Course Calendar:
All assignments are in bold and are due in hard copy form at the beginning of class on the date assigned.

Week 1
September 8:

Intro to course

Handout and discuss syllabus
Week 2
September 12:

Read: Didion, chapters 1-5

September 15:

Read: Didion, chapters 6-10

Due: Short Response Essay #1
Week 3
September 19:

Read: Didion, chapters 11-15

View: Adaptation
September 22:

Read: Didion, chapters 16-end

View: Adaptation

Grammar Quiz #1
Week 4
September 26:

Read: Orlean (handout)

Discuss: Summary-Evaluation Essay
September 29:

Due: First Draft—Summary-Evaluation Essay

Week 5
October 3:

Read: Bauby, “Prologue thru “The Photo”

October 6:

Read: Bauby, “Yet Another Coincidence” thru “The Outing”

Due: Short Response Essay #2
Week 6
October 10:

Read: Bauby, “Twenty to One” thru end

View: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
October 13:

Due: Final Draft—Summary-Evaluation Essay

View: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Week 7
October 17:

Midterm conferences

October 20:

Midterm conferences

Week 8
October 24:

No Class—CIL Week

October 27:

No Class—CIL Week

Week 9
October 31:

Discuss: Compare-Contrast Essay

Grammar Quiz #2
November 3:

Read: Walker, page 1-60

Week 10
November 7:

Read: Walker, page 61-121

Due: First Draft—Compare-Contrast Essay
November 10:

Read: Walker, page 122-179

Week 11
November 14:

Read: Walker, page 180-246

November 17:

Read: Walker, page 246-end

View: The Color Purple

Week 12
November 21:

Due: Final draft—Compare-Contrast Essay

View: The Color Purple
November 24:

No Class—Thanksgiving Break

Week 13
November 28:

Grammar Quiz #3

Discuss: Final comprehensive essay

December 1:

Continue discussion

Week 14
December 5:

Catch-up day: Assignments TBA

December 8:

Teacher-student conferences

Week 15
December 12:

Final comprehensive essays due

Final revisions due

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