Sswh8 Demonstrate an understanding of the development of societies in Central and South America

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Olmec, Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans Chapters 9 and 16

SSWH8 Demonstrate an understanding of the development of societies in Central and South America.

a. Explain the rise and fall of the Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, and Inca empires.

b. Compare the culture of the Americas; include government, economy, religion, and the arts of the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas.

Learning Question: How did civilizations in Mesoamerica compare.

  1. Go to

  2. Watch the intro, click on the first circle on the left, Explore World

  3. Define Mesoamerica:____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

  4. (Click Explore) Under Cultures click on the Olmec-Culture

    1. Olmec means _____________________________________________________________________

    2. When did they live______________________________

    3. List three major accomplishments ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

    4. What was their lifestyle: ____________________________________________________________

  5. Click Olmec- Art

    1. Olmec art has an emphasis on _______________________________________________________

    2. What was the subject matter of their art? ______________________________________________

  6. Click Olmec- Ballgame

    1. They had the first what? ____________________________________________ _______________

  7. Now Click on Maya- Culture

    1. Where did the Mayan live? _________________________________________

    2. When did they live? _______________________________________________

    3. Major accomplishments? ___________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

    4. How was Maya lifestyle? ___________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

  8. Maya-Artwork

    1. What was painted on their pottery? __________________________________

    2. Their metalwork was made of _______________________________________

  9. Maya- Ballgame

    1. Where is the largest Mayan ballcourt? ________________________________

    2. “Ballplayer” was among the ceremonial title of __________________________

  10. Click Aztec- Culture

    1. Where are they from? _____________________________________________

    2. When did they live there? __________________________________________________________

    3. List their major accomplishments: ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

    4. What was their lifestyle like? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________

    5. (look at the picture) How would an Aztec ball player score points? __________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

  11. Aztec- Art

    1. What was their art style? ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

  12. Aztec- Ballgame

    1. What were the offerings at Aztec ballgames? ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Now pull the head on the timeline from left to right and watch the areas light up in the map

(Click the back arrow/ Go back to main page)

Click the circle ‘Explore Game’

The first team sport in History began over ______________ ago in _____________________.

(click ‘Ball’) What did the Mesoamericans have that the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks did not ________________________. (watch and read about how rubber is made) What juice is added to the latex to give it extraordinary bounce? __________________________________. How long do they have to stir it for? _______________(click each ball answer these questions)

  • How big were the rubber balls? ______________________________________________

  • Where the balls hollow or Solid? _____________________________________________

  • What else did they make from rubber? ________________________________________

  • Were Mesoamericans the first to use rubber? __________________________________


Mesoamerican ballplayers entered the court dressed in the finest __________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Learn about their team Mascots

______________________ was commonly used to decorate ballgame equipment.

Help the player get dressed for the game


What letter are the courts shaped like? _______________________________________


Did women play? _________________________________________________________

What happened to the losers? _______________________________________________

How were the games then similar to the games we play now? _____________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Now you may Experience the Game
Now go to

The Lost Inca Empire

The Incan Empire stretched 2500 miles along what mountain range?____________________________

The Inca's engineering of __________________ and ____________________________ in mountainous terrain was one key to the expansion of the empire.
Opulent Wealth

_____________ , which emerged as the richest city in the new World was the center in Incan life.

Money existed in the form of ________________. What things would they pay them in? ____________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

What ultimately lead to their demise (downfall)? ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Growth of the Empire

The Inca state's domain was unprecedented, its rule resulting in a universal __________________ —a form of ________________, a religion worshipping the sun, and a 14,000 mile-long _______________ criss-crossing high Andean mountain passes and linking the ___________________________________.

The Beginning of the End

With the arrival from ____________________ in 1532 of ______________________and his entourage of mercenaries or "_________________________”, the Inca empire was seriously threatened for the first time. Give a summary of the events after the Spaniards arrived.____________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Inca walls show remarkable craftsmanship. The blocks have ____________________ ___ to hold them together yet stay tight because of their precise ___________________________________________.
Machu Picchu and Living at Heights

What remains of the Inca legacy is __________________, as the _______________________ plundered what they could of Inca treasures and in so doing, dismantled the many structures painstakingly built by Inca craftsmen to house the precious metals. Machu Picchu was discovered in ________. It was a place of worship to the ____________________, the greatest deity in the Inca pantheon.

Even with our ________________ mountaineering clothing and equipment of today, it is hard for us to acclimatize and cope with the ____________ and ______________________ experienced at the high altitudes frequented by the Inca. This ability of the sandal-clad Inca to ___________________________ __________________________continues to perplex scientists today.

The Conquest

How were Pizarro and his men able to conquer the world’s largest civilization? ____________________

The Incan population was reduced by _____________. ________________ culture, religion, and language rapidly replaced Inca life and only a few traces of Inca ways remain in the native culture as it exists today.

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