Ssush 18 (The New Deal) Vocab List Bank Holiday

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SSUSH 18 (The New Deal) Vocab List
Bank Holiday: This is a term used for emergency bank closures mandated by Congress to relieve financial crises.
Brain Trust: This is the term used for a group of advisors to President Roosevelt. Most of them were experts in their particular fields.
"Court Packing" Bill: This was a bill sponsored by Roosevelt that would have given the President power to appoint an extra Supreme Court Justice for every sitting Justice over 70 1/2
Eleanor Roosevelt: This former first lady helped her husband during the Great Depression and served in the United Nations following the end of World War II.
Fireside Chats: This was a series of radio talk shows featuring President Franklin Roosevelt between 1933 and 1944.
Hundred Days: This term refers to initial reforms and changes made by Franklin Roosevelt upon becoming the President and beginning his "New Deal" programs.
Huey Long: He was a Louisiana Democrat who served as both Governor and Senator. He proposed more radical methods than Roosevelt's New Deal, entitled Share Our Wealth
Neutrality Acts: These were a series of 1930s laws passed to keep the US out of the growing tensions in Europe and Asia.
New Deal: These were the programs and policies to promote economic recovery and social reform introduced during the 1930's by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
"Three R's" This term describes the 3 goals of FDR's New Deal programs: relief, recovery, and reform.
"Share Our Wealth" This was the name of the program suggested by Louisiana politician Huey Long as an alternative to FDR's "New Deal."
SEC: This regulatory agency of the U.S. Government was created in 1934 to provide oversight of the country's stock market.

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