SS10 – Chpt. 5 Unit Test Part I – Multiple Choice

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S10 – Chpt. 5 Unit Test

SS10 – Chpt. 5 Unit Test

Part I – Multiple Choice

Directions: On the scan card provided, choose the BEST response.

  1. The Metis were;

  1. Protestants

  2. Anglicans

  3. Catholic

  4. Always hungry

  1. Because of the rebellions, the loss of some of their land to land speculators and the mistreatment by the government, the Metis left Manitoba and re-settled in and around;

  1. Montreal

  2. Red River

  3. Toronto

  4. Edmonton

  1. Which animal played an important part of the Metis way of life?

  1. horse

  2. cow

  3. ducks

  4. bison

  5. chicken

  1. _________ fur traders caused problems in the Northwest.

  1. American

  2. British

  3. Canadian

  4. Danish

  1. These fur traders caused trouble by trading ________ for fur with the Native trappers.

  1. food

  2. liquor

  3. clothing

  4. bison

  1. The Canadian government set out the _________ to regain control over the Northwest.

  1. NWMP

  2. RCMP

  3. Military

  4. Women’s Auxillary Welcome Wagon

  1. All of the following were native tribes of the Northwest EXCEPT;

  1. Cree

  2. Blackfoot

  3. Sarcee

  4. Mohawk

  1. The Canadian government was eager to settle _________ with the western native populations to make room for ___________.

  1. agreements / French settlement

  2. treaties / European settlement

  3. treaties / missionaries

  4. agreements / the NWMP

  1. Prime Minister Macdonald’s “National Dream” was;

  1. to have a country from coast to coast

  2. to be a world military leader

  3. an alcoholic hallucination about his dead dog

  4. none of the above

  1. In order to make his “National Dream” a reality, Macdonald needed;

  1. more booze

  2. his dead dog back

  3. a railway

  4. the world’s largest army

  5. all of the above

  1. To underwrite is to;

  1. write on the back of every page

  2. finance a project

  3. insure a factory

  4. sell an idea

  1. The CPR is the;

  1. Canadian Political Represenatives

  2. Canadian Pacific Rivers

  3. Canadian Pacific Resources

  4. Canadian Pacific Railway

  1. He agreeded to finance John A. Macdonald’s 1873 election campaign in return for a huge government contract.

  1. Sir Hugh Allen

  2. Alexander Mackenzie

  3. Gabriel Dumont

  4. William Van Horne

  1. The scandal that lost the 1873 election for Macdonald was called;

  1. The Monica Lewinsky Affair

  2. The Pacific Scandal

  3. The CPR Scandal

  4. The Liberal Fiasco

  1. The man who put the CPR “back on track” and eventually saw it through to its completion was;

  1. Sir Hugh Allen

  2. Louis Reil

  3. William Van Horne

  4. Jacques Perizeau

  1. The CPR crossed over the Rockies at;

  1. Banff

  2. Yellowhead Pass

  3. Kicking Horse Pass

  4. Craigellichie

  1. The event that helped secure financing for the completion of the CPR was the;

  1. Northwest Rebellion

  2. Lotto 649

  3. Pacific Scandal

  4. Craigellichie Affair

  1. The “Last Spike” was driven at;

  1. Kicking Horse Pass

  2. Yellowhead

  3. Graigellechie

  4. Montreal

  1. He returned to Manitoba only to end up starting the Northwest Rebellion.

  1. Gabriel Dumont

  2. Louis Reil

  3. William Van Horne

  4. John A. Macdonald

  1. The first clash during the Northwest Rebellion was at ___________ near Batoche.

  1. Duck Lake

  2. Fish Lake

  3. Grizzly Swamps

  4. Bison Bay

  1. He was arrested and was eventually found guilty and then hung for treason, for his role in the Northwest Rebellion.

  1. Gabriel Dumont

  2. Louis Reil

  3. William Van Horne

  4. John A. Macdonald

Part II – Short Answers

Directions: On a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions using COMPLETE SENTENCES.
Each question is worth 5 marks, for a total of 10.

  1. What were some of the difficulties or problems faced by the Metis and the Native peoples of the West?

  1. What political event stalled the construction of the CPR. What happened to prove that the CPR was an absolute necessity for Canada?

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