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Man has forgotten his true divine nature. He has degraded himself through selfishness, passion and greed. He is swayed by the two currents of love and hatred.
This is a world of struggle and strife. This is a relative plane of three Gunas. There is ceaseless fight between good and evil, Devas and Asuras, Sattva and Tamas.
Therefore, consolidation of people is an imperative need of the hour. In union lies our strength. People should abandon all petty differences and unite their minds, hearts and souls for the solidarity and the well-being of the nation and the world.

Unity—The Need Of The Hour

O my friends! You are weak. You have neither unity nor organisation among you. You are scattered like pebbles on the bank of a river. The sub-castes are countless. Sects, cults and creeds are numberless. Their large number in the population will not in anyway help you. Most of the people are selfish. They have not got the spirit of self-sacrifice and service. This is a most deplorable state. If there is organisation, then only there will be strength and security for you or for any nation.
O my friends! You are all scattered like particles of sand or mercury. When you are all united only, you will have proper strength to defend yourself and do good to the country. United you will stand; divided you will fall. Open your eyes now. Shake off your lethargy, inertia and indifferent nature. There is the clarion call for united action. Do not wait even for a single second. Be up and doing. Stand on your own legs.
Become true Hindus, true Christians and true Muslims. Let the flame of true love fire your soul. Stand up. Gird up your loins. Strengthen yourself. Unite. Become an indivisible Body.
Do you remember the story of an old man, his sons and the bundle of sticks? The sons were not able to break the whole bundle, but they broke each stick very easily to pieces. Even so, if you are united, you can become very strong. You will be invincible. You can work wonders.
Be prepared to sacrifice everything. Be of one mind. Speak with one voice. Have common aspiration. Act in perfect union. Cultivate immense love for your religion. The flame of love must burn in your hearts steadily. Love one and all. There is no religion greater than love.

Who Is Qualified To Serve Religion Efficiently

Those who want to serve their religion should possess virtuous qualities such as courage, mercy, simplicity, broad tolerance, adaptability, self-restraint, cosmic love, equal vision, humility, equanimity of mind, truthfulness, patience, forbearance, forgiveness and honesty. They will have to cultivate these virtues.
They should have knowledge of Karma Yoga. They should study the second and third chapters of the Gita again and again. They should not expect any fruits of their actions. They should consecrate all actions unto the Lord. They should kill the idea of agency or actorship. They should entertain the Nimitta-Bhava. They should feel that God works through them. Then only they will have purification of heart. God is the foundation of society. God is the substratum for the world. No atom can move without Him. In Him we live and move and have our very being.
Those young men who want to dedicate their lives for the service of religion, can do better service if they remain as Brahmacharins or celibates. They will then have no selfish interests. Fresh flowers should be offered to the Lord. A fresh, vigorous, untainted body and mind should be offered to the Lord.
You may ask: “Why should I practise Karma-Yoga and self-restraint? Why should I kill egoism? Why should I develop renunciation and Vairagya? Why should I serve the country? Why should I control the mind?” I say, all these will help you to attain freedom and perfection and to free yourself from pain, sorrow and death.

Education And Nation-Building

India, the sacred hind of Rishis and sages, is still sunk in the mire of ignorance, from the point of view of the great ideal that is ahead. There is much illiteracy among the masses. Professors, teachers and students should go to the villages during holidays and educate the masses. They should organise night schools for them. Rich persons should give them much help and support. Compare India with Europe or America. The number of illiterates is more in India than in any other civilised country.
Spiritual Values—The Basis Of True Education
National schools and colleges for boys and girls, and universities, must be opened. Boys and girls should get the right type of education. Then only the national spirit can be kept up. The education which makes you tread the path of truth and righteousness, which moulds your character, which helps you to attain freedom, perfection and knowledge of the Self, and at the same time enables you to eke out an honest living, can be called as true education.
Importance Of Physical Culture
Sabhas, Seva-Dals or Samitis, and physical culture institutions should be founded in all parts of the country. They should be properly organised. It is your duty to serve heart and soul through these institutions. You will develop the true spirit. Your heart will be purified quickly.
The world needs good healthy mothers, healthy, strong boys and girls. What do we find in these days in India? India, the land which produced Bhishma, Drona, Bhima, Arjuna, Asvatthama, Kripa, Parasurama, and countless other chivalrous warriors, the soil which contained numberless Rajput chiefs of undaunted intrepidity, unparalleled chivalry and matchless strength, abounds now with effeminate weaklings dependent on hundreds of external factors for their sustenance. All these people should emulate the example of the few great heroes and geniuses who are still the glory of India. The world requires numberless brave, moral, Adhyatmic soldiers, who are equipped with the five virtues, viz., Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha. Those who are endowed with the above virtues, those who possess health and strength, those who have knowledge of the Self—they alone can secure real freedom for all.
Early Marriage—A Social Evil
Early marriage is a great social evil. Children beget children. India abounds with weaklings as a consequence. Early marriage should be stopped with a knowledge of the higher laws of life.
Need For Accent On Duty And Discipline
The most wonderful machine in the world is the physical body. It consists of different systems, organs and parts. If all the systems, organs and parts work in harmony, if all the parts are in sound condition, you can enjoy good health. If a single part or system or organ goes out of order, there is disharmony, and you get disease. A vicious circle is created. Even so, the society or the nation consists of different communities and individuals. Every individual should carry out his duty properly. He must he strong and healthy to discharge his duties. Otherwise, the society or the nation will become weak and undergo decay and degeneration.
Mere bubbling juvenile enthusiasm will not do. It will not serve any purpose. True love must be ingrained in you. Every nerve and every cell should throb with pure love. If you have not got this spirit, you will have to develop it to the maximum degree through service of humanity. Study again and again the lives of great sages and saints who gave their lives for religion. Work under a master for some years. Serve him. Honour him. Obey him. Obedience is better than sacrifice. You will imbibe his spirit and virtues. Do not try to become yourself a leader. If everybody wants to become a leader, if everybody wants to command, the movement will die. Learn to serve. Learn to obey. You can do real service to religion and country.
Industrial Growth And Economic Independence
Use indigenous articles and help the growth of industries. This will lead to our economic independence. Economic independence is indispensable.
Money is wasted in marriage festivals and other ceremonies. Save this money and spend it in building the nation. Every pie spent in this direction is really well-spent. Do not become a slave of social customs. These act as stumbling blocks to progress. They tend to weaken the nation.
Our young graduates should not neglect the industrial and agricultural sides. They should look after their own lands and increase the productive power. There is a great field for work in this direction. They can have independent living. They can make enough money and serve the people by supplying good, unadulterated milk and butter and other food-stuffs which are necessary for keeping up health and strength.
The Power That Comes From A Hard Life Of Action And Endurance
Be patient. Persevere and plod on. Do something practical. Herein lies the secret of success. There is no use in making much noise. Everything should be put into practice. Lecture on platform will only create a temporary bubbling of emotion and enthusiasm. This will not help much. Things should take proper shape.
Lead a life of endurance. Bear insult, privations and sufferings. Clean your clothes. Split fuel. Carry water. Do manual labour. Strengthen your body and muscles. Do Dand, Baithak, wrestling, Asanas and Pranayama. Swim. Run in open air. Keep a strong and healthy body. Lead a simple and natural life. Preserve Virya. Be a Brahmachari though married. Learn to control the senses.
Luxury and comfort are a curse. That will weaken you. Walk daily three or four miles. The condition of the younger generation is pitiable. They cannot walk even half a mile. They have poor health. They suffer from anaemia, dyspepsia, constipation, debility, etc. In times of danger, they cannot protect their women and children. They have become weak, timid and effeminate. Is this not a lamentable state?
Realise your responsibilities. Face troubles, tribulations and trials. Stand adamant. Be bold. Be cheerful. Draw courage and power from within, through regular meditation on the Immortal Self. Sit alone and peep within for some time. Give up comforts and easy-going life. Work hard. Come out victorious and wear the laurels. Great men have all suffered in order to stick to the path of righteousness and to protect the religion. They still live in our hearts. The glorious lives they led are a source of inspiration for us.

Call For Consolidation Of The Nation

O my beloved Sikh brothers! You are chivalrous and bold. The blood of Guru Govind Singh runs through your veins. You are all endowed with a strong physique and sinewy frame. This is due to the grace of the Lord. You are the Kshatriyas of our nation.
O Hindus, O Sikhs, O Maharathas, O Rajputs! Just as the dark unfathomed ocean contains many precious pearls and gems, so also there are many jewels amongst you all; there are many Ranjit Singhs, Shivajis and Rana Prataps. Awaken the dormant faculties. Remember the glory and power of your ancestors. Come forward now. Show your chivalrous nature and undaunted spirit. Work for the consolidation of the nation as a whole.
Exhortation To Sadhus And Sannyasins
O Sadhus, Sannyasins, Yogis and Brahmacharins who have attained success in Sadhana! This is my earnest prayer to you all. You will have to come now from your retreats to serve humanity. You need not take any active part in any movement. You can remain like Samartha Ramdas. Ramdas gave wise counsels to Shivaji. Shivaji drew inspiration from his Guru. He hoisted the Gerua banner and did all the work. Ramdas’s presence was the source of strength to Shivaji. Even so, you can give moral instructions and good counsels to people. You can guide them and give them words of encouragement. You can do everything that is best calculated to unite the nation. As you have no attachment to anybody and as you are endowed with spiritual powers, you can work wonders. You say that the world is your body. In your discourses you say that the whole world is your sweet home—Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Please show this in action. Kindly put this into practice. Become practical Vedantins.
May the Eternal Dharma be preserved for ever. May all the citizens be consolidated by the bond of true love. May all work together for the well-being and solidarity of the country. May all prosper gloriously both in the material and spiritual planes.

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