SQ3ro world History 1748 – Lesson 04

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SQ3RO World History 1748 – Lesson 1.04

Part of this organizer has been completed for you in blue.

Notice the parts you are to complete are marked in red. Good luck.


Preview the lesson to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the module and lesson #? ________________________________

  2. What is the topic/heading for this lesson

  3. Is the lesson divided into parts? Write the names of the different parts or headings here: List the titles of the two links in this lesson/Assignment. _____________________

  4. Describe any charts, graphs or pictures in the lesson. What visuals do you see? _______________________________________________________

  5. List any vocabulary terms written in bold font. Neolithic Revolution, Paleothic Period. Can you add more to this list?_____________


Find the assignment/activity for this lesson. Develop the purpose by completing the three items below.

  1. What will you be submitting to your instructor for this assignment? Questions answered completely

2. Turn the topics and/or headings into questions. Try to use Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How, when writing your questions.

What was the Neolithic Revolution?

What other who, what, where, why and how questions can you write? ___________________________________________________________

3. Predict something else you might learn after reading through this lesson, based on your survey responses above. Make a prediction here. _____________________


READ Try this

Read through the lesson, paying careful attention to the headings and vocabulary. Use this comprehension clarifier to help with understanding what you read in this lesson. See page two for the comprehension clarifier.

RECITE Try this

After you have read through the material, and answered all questions, recite the questions and answers, to help you remember the material. Recite each question and answer out loud, one at a time.

REVIEW Try this

Using this sheet as notes, mentally go over the material again, within 24 hours of covering it. Review again in one week and then again before the end of the module.

You may also want to combine the information by writing the headings, questions, and answers in the form of an outline.

1. Fill in the Magnet (Main Word/Idea for Each Box). 2. From the reading, find at least 4 facts that would “magnetize” to the word/idea. Great choices would be who, what, when, where, why, how 3. Use the magnet words/phrases/ideas and “magnetized” facts to create a summary. See examples below. If you need additional help, please contact me so I can help you. YOU CAN DO IT!

10,000 BCE began to cultivate crops and animals
Magnet Word/Idea
Neolithic Revolution

After Paleothic led to permanent settlements and

Period rise of civilization

Summary: The Neolithic Revolution began in 10,000 BCE, which is after the Paleothic Period. During the Revolution, people began to cultivate crops and animals. This eventually led to permanent settlements and the rise of civilization.

Your Turn:
Magnet Word/Idea
Social Classes

Village run by Council War developed great warriors

Of Elders who became village leaders

___________________________ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________

Summary: Social Classes were important to Neolithic Village life. The village was run by a Council of Elders. Because of war, Great warriors developed and they usually became the village leaders. ________________________________________________


Magnet Word/Idea

Summary: _____________________________________________________________________________________________



Magnet Word/Idea

Summary: ______________________________________________________________________________________________



Download 30.15 Kb.

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