Speech recording system

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A speech recorder is a digital handheld device that used to record short reminders or we can define speech recorder is a portable device for recording and playing back speech, usually equipped with a built in flash memory element. Sound recording and reproduction is an electronic or mechanical inscription and recreation of sound waves .such as spoken voices and instrument music or singing or other sound effect. The two main class of sound recording systems are analog and digital recording system. From the two of them we are going to built a digital recording system using ISD2560P.

In many cases the recording system have fulfill the recording process effectively due to many factors such as noise. Now in this project our aim is to reduce the complexity using simple circuit elements and ISD series to build up a digital recording system which lead us to hear clear out of noise with play back method.

Digital recording information begin in 1937 with idea of pulse code modulation patented by Alec Revel. The next was in 1943 Bell Telephone laboratory developed the first digital sampled speech transmission system. In 1957 the first sound recording through computes was created. This was the period of start for digital recording.

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