Speech in the Virginia Convention

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Patrick Henry

“Speech in the Virginia Convention”

What course of action does Henry want the colonists to take? He wants the colonists to prepare for war.

What is Henry’s answer to the objection that the colonists are not ready to fight against the British? He contends that the colonies are not weak and that they will not fight alone – they will be aided by God.

Benjamin Franklin

“Speech in the Convention”

Why does Franklin feel that unanimity among the delegates is essential to the success of the United States? Unanimity will show citizen and the world that conflicting political interests do not prevent the nation’s officials from working together.

According to Franklin, why would any document created by committee be faulty? A committee brings together not just its strengths but also its weaknesses (people all have shortcomings and would bring those to a committee)

What political assumptions does Henry make about the nature of government? Does Franklin make similar assumptions? Henry mistrusts governmental power, which can oppress (Britain). Franklin believes government is good or bad depending on its people.

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