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Key to China relations and growth

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Key to China relations and growth

Koehn and Yin, ‘2

[Peter H. Koehn and Xiao-Huang Yin, “The expanding roles of Chinese Americans in U.S.-China relations: transnational networks and trans-Pacific interactions”, M.E. Sharpe, pg. 16, 2002]

Among the various social forces that could re-shape U.S.-China relations, Chinese American families are among the most established global players. Chinese-immigrant entrepreneurs have not only transplanted their family networks, they also have expanded Chinese-owned trans-Pacific trade, transportation businesses, and banks. The third type of trans-Pacific family, in particular, illustrates how Chinese Americans who maintain borderless family networks act to strengthen U.S.-China economic relations—one critically important aspect of the overall relationship. Businesses on both sides need a gateway to help penetrate each other’s market. Trans-Pacific family networks of all three types can provide such a gateway. Family and kinship connections are the Chinese rim’s building blocks. Given their global family networks and economic power, Chinese Americans have profoundly shaped and will continue to influence U.S.-China relations.

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