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Expropriation is mutually exclusive with ANY authority for permissible use -- neither incentives nor lifting restrictions are compatible

WiseGeek '13 -- Access Date, "In Law, What is Expropriation?" http://www.wisegeek.com/in-law-what-is-expropriation.htm
Expropriation involves taking or depriving a property owner of his or her legal rights to a piece of real estate or some other type of property. Generally, expropriation occurs when a government confiscates a person’s land for use by the general public. For example, if the government is building a highway system that runs through a person’s land, the government may decide to confiscate the land in order to complete the highway. In most countries, the government would give the property owner a reasonable fee for taking the land. In modern times, many countries use the term expropriation interchangeably with eminent domain, compulsory purchase, and compulsory acquisition. The concept of expropriation stems from Marxism, which espouses the idea that the government should be responsible for major industries and large properties. The thought process behind taking privately-owned land was to promote a society with members of equal social status by preventing a few individuals from owning all of the land. Under traditional Marxist theories, expropriation was to occur without paying property owners for confiscated land.

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Michigan -> The interest convergence framework is offense against their movements claims at all levels of analysis—the Black Panthers proves. Delgado ’02
Michigan -> Interpretation – Financial incentives must be positively linked to rewards – they cannot be negative Harris, 89
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Allen-Pappas+Neg -> Michigan ap – nu 2013 r1 neg v concordia nw
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