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The Militant '1 "Nationalize the energy companies!" Vol.65/No.3 1/22/01 http://www.themilitant.com/2001/6503/650302.html
The labor movement needs to respond to the power shortages, rate hikes, and skyrocketing fuel prices that are creating a disaster for working people by demanding government expropriation of the power and energy companies. These monopolies control a resource vital to society. But they are in the business of making profits, not of providing energy. Through their drive for ever-higher profits they have created a situation endangering the lives and livelihoods of millions of workers and farmers, as well as small business-people. They must be taken out of private hands, nationalized, and run as public utilities for the benefit of the majority rather than the interests of a handful of super-wealthy capitalists, bankers, and bondholders. Working people, especially on the West Coast, where the crisis is most acute, would respond massively to calls by the labor movement for a campaign of mobilizations calling for the nationalization of this industry.

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