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Refuse any affirmative claim to "starting point" or "prerequisite" -- those notions erect a hierarchy that makes true performative pedagogy impossible

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Refuse any affirmative claim to "starting point" or "prerequisite" -- those notions erect a hierarchy that makes true performative pedagogy impossible

Medina and Perry '11 Mia, University of British Columbia, Carmen, Indiana University "Embodiment and Performance in Pedagogy Research: Investigating the Possibility of the Body in Curriculum Experience" Journal of Curriculum Theorizing Volume 27, Number 3, 2 http://www.academia.edu/470170/Embodiment_and_performance_in_pedagogy_The_possibility_of_the_body_in_curriculum
The notion of assemblage with Deleuze and Guattari’s nomadic thought can be understood as the “performed organization of language (enunciation) and ‘content’ (material and conceptual bodies)” (Leander & Rowe, 2006, p. 437). We use this understanding to frame our examinationof how things happen within a dramatic encounter. George Marcus and Erkan Saka (2006)inform our use of the concept of assemblage, suggesting that it focuses “ attention on the always-emergent conditions of the present .... while preserving some concept of the structural soembedded in the enterprise of social science research ” (pp. 101-102). In this study, we look atthe emerging relationship between the organization of partial assemblage (the emergingembodied social constructs), in relation to larger assemblages or organized institutions (largersocial performances outside of the dramatic encounter). We maintain that it is important toconsider the relationship between language and bodies “on the same level” (Deluze & Guattari,1987, as cited in Leander & Rowe p. 437), and always in flux and motion. In alignment with nomadic thought, we attempt to avoid the notions of beginnings and endings or hierarchiesbetween language and bodies. In this light, we are looking at relationships not in terms of fixed meanings, but as emerging, evolving, and unfinished within the experience under analysis.

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