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AT: Cant Shed ouir Identities

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AT: Cant Shed ouir Identities

Our K isn’t about shedding your identity and neither is framework—it’s about the role you choose for your advocacy—even if you can’t shed your identity, you can choose not to make that the foundation of resistance.

They link harder--by their logic, the fact that the 1AC didn't mention ableist privilege or nonveteran privilege or ageist privilege enacts a discursive violence against them -- this cannot be a contest to see who can acknowledge MORE marginalized groups and the search for a discursive starting point in race is violent. Treat this as an independent disad to voting aff and a total solvency take-out

Their claim that they cannot be political without discussing their identities is NOT TRUE -- the political actions of groups like Anonymous and the ethical hacker movement include people of color and rely on anonymity -- they represent a potential alternative political model -- we are not suggesting that this is a universal model, merely that it is a possible one

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