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Choong 7 (William, The Straits Times (Singapore), “Just hot air?,” 2/4, lexis
In Cebu, leaders from the grouping called for intensified energy conservation programmes, the expansion of renewable energy systems, biofuels production and - 'for interested parties' - civilian nuclear power. The initiatives underscore three mutually reinforcing themes in energy security - soaring oil prices, resource scarcity and worries over climate change. But while the statements go down well, most environmentalists and analysts argue that green policies are more about the right execution than making the right noises. In other words, the devil is in the details. Firstly, critics argue that the East Asia Summit pact offered no concrete targets. In contrast, the European Union's new energy policy, also unveiled last month, called for a 20 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions over 13 years.

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