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Aff condo—makes them a moving target that reframes their advocacy based on the nature of 1nc ground

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1. Aff condo—makes them a moving target that reframes their advocacy based on the nature of 1nc ground.

2. The devil’s in the details—their 1ac backfires without precise attention to mechanism design

Ilex Associates, 96 – Consultants to the British Department of Trade and Industry (“A REVIEW OF OVERSEAS FINANCING MECHANISMS AND INCENTIVES FOR COMMERCIAL RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS”, http://www.berr.gov.uk/files/file15101.pdf)
Ilex Associates has conducted a comprehensive world study of incentive and financing mechanisms for supporting renewable technologies. A number of countries have been identified as having particularly interesting current or past policies for the development and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies and which can, therefore, be used to inform policy decisions in the UK. These countries are: Austria, Denmark, Greece, India, The Netherlands, Spain and two States of America together with its federal programme. Detailed case studies for each of these countries are presented in Volume 2, and the summaries for each of these countries are included in Appendix I of this volume. Shorter reports for those countries which were studied in less detail as part of the initial world study are presented in Volume 3 of this study, and brief 'thumb-nail' sketches of the countries are included in Appendix II of this report. The findings of the different country studies have been reviewed to identify the main forms of "incentive mechanisms" and "financing mechanisms" that are used to support renewable technologies world-wide, and the successes and failures of the different approaches. The overall objectives of different governments vary and, combined with the context of the industry structure, these variations are reflected in the range of mechanisms used. Schemes can probably be placed along a spectrum whose two extremes are government­ driven consensus mechanisms at one end, and market mechanisms at the other. One of the key results to come out of the work is the fact that whilst some incentive mechanisms may be appropriate to some technologies, they may not be appropriate to others. This is either because of the different characteristics of the technologies (i.e. whether they are grid-connected electricity generating technologies, or heat producing, or stand-alone/domestic scale electricity generating technologies), or because of the different stages of maturity of the technology. No single incentive mechanism is appropriate to all types of technology.

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