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AT: Legally only thing you can do

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AT: Legally only thing you can do

The plan includes both solar electric and solar thermal – means things like solar water heaters are topical

Mission Mountain Green, no date - a renewable energy company that sells solar panels (http://mmgrn.com/3901.html)
Save an additional 30% on the cost of a solar system As of October 3, 2008 the Federal Solar Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for homeowners and businesses has been extended through the end of 2016 via the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Residential and Commercial system owners can take a 30% tax credit for both Solar Electric and Solar Thermal Systems.

As of February 13, 2009 and the signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act by President Barack Obama, the $2,000 cap on qualified solar water heating property has been removed providing a full 30% credit. This means that both Residential and Commercial customers can take 30% of the system cost as a credit with no cap on both Solar Electric and Solar Thermal systems on solar systems placed in service after January 1, 2009.

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Michigan -> The interest convergence framework is offense against their movements claims at all levels of analysis—the Black Panthers proves. Delgado ’02
Michigan -> Interpretation – Financial incentives must be positively linked to rewards – they cannot be negative Harris, 89
Michigan -> R8 neg v michigan state cz 1nc
Michigan -> Doubles—Neg vs Wake lw 1NC
Michigan -> Round 1—Neg vs nyu gz 1NC
Michigan -> Indefinite detention means holding enemy combatants until the cessation of hostilities – authority for it is codified in the ndaa
Michigan -> Round 2 v. Wake 1nc
Michigan -> Global nuclear expansion now – dozens of countries
Allen-Pappas+Neg -> Michigan ap – nu 2013 r1 neg v concordia nw
Allen-Pappas+Neg -> Michigan ap wake forest 2012 neg speeches round 2 neg v george washington bs 1nc Off

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