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The CP incentivizes competition between renewables – it limits overall price increases because it doesn’t favor one over the other

Apt, 9 *Distinguished Service Professor of Engineering & Public Policy and Associate Research Professor, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University (Jay, Congressional Testimony, Hearing on The American Clean Energy Security Act of 2009, 4/23, http://carboncontrolnews.com/hearing_docs/ccn04232009_apt.pdf
I commend you for searching for ways to reach the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, enhancing energy security, maintaining electric supply reliability, and controlling costs. Renewable energy sources are a key part of the nation's future, but I caution that a singular emphasis on renewable energy sources is not the best way to achieve these goals. One goal is paramount as the greatest challenge of the century: reducing air emissions and the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide.

I have two recommendations that I hope you will consider:

Focus on reducing carbon dioxide rather than singling out renewables as the answer. There are significant savings from letting all technologies compete in satisfying the goals of lowering greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy security, and improving sustainability, ensuring that energy prices are not so high that they derail the economy.

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