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Transmission investments are increasing now

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Transmission investments are increasing now

Reuters, 2/7/13 (“U.S. power industry to invest $85 bln annually in electric grid”


U.S. investor-owned utilities will invest about $85 billion annually this year and next to keep the power grid reliable and integrate new natural gas plants while cleaning up older coal units, the president of the industry's trade group told Reuters on Wednesday.

"Our industry is the most capital-intensive industry in the United States and projects to spend an average of about $85 billion a year on capital expenditures through 2014," said Tom Kuhn, president of the Edison Electric Institute.

He told Reuters those investment levels are about double what they were 10 years ago.

Of the $85 billion, Kuhn said power companies would spend about $50 billion on new generation and upgrades, $25 billion on distribution to consumers and $10 billion on transmission between power plants and distribution networks


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