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speech docs – michigan ap – ndt 2013

r1 neg v. louisville vw


1nc negation theory

Condo good -- the 2ac has a lot of latitude to re-explain and spin arguments -- we should have that same latitude by collapsing down to different positions in the block -- wasting 1NC time hurts us more than it does them

Exploring from multiple viewpoints key to true performative pedagogy -- the fact that they fail to do so is a reason that their pedagogy is meaningless since every aff debate is a repetition of an argument they’re well familiar with -- only multiple tests of argument can create relevant knowledge -- vote neg on presumption

Medina and Perry '11 Mia, University of British Columbia, Carmen, Indiana University "Embodiment and Performance in Pedagogy Research: Investigating the Possibility of the Body in Curriculum Experience" Journal of Curriculum Theorizing Volume 27, Number 3, 2 http://www.academia.edu/470170/Embodiment_and_performance_in_pedagogy_The_possibility_of_the_body_in_curriculum
The body in pedagogy and research is a site of learning, of experiencing, of becoming. Furthermore, the role of the body in research needs to be acknowledged and considered beyondits role as signifier. As we have seen here, by looking at the relationship between body and space, new perspectives and trajectories in our interpretations of students’ learning moments emerge. As argued at the beginning of this paper, the body, like any signifier, exists in relation to its environment: therefore, space matters. Acknowledging the role of space can help us open up our understanding of the body as “ being-in-the-world ” in order to move to a fuller perspective onbodies and texts.In mapping people ’ s performances, particularly in relation to embodiment, it was helpfulto reflect back with the participants, considering a specific moment, to talk about how theyconstructed their contributions and who became implicated in the performance. We were less interested in hearing what they felt the performance was about, than what they thought was happening and how that “happening” gets constructed. The influence of nomadic thought has helped us understand how people function in these dynamics, and the hybrid nature of people’s performative worlds. This is significant as we think of the role of the body in the construction of space and subjectivity, as opposed to simply the representation of such notions. Participants (in this case, educators) in this classroom-based drama activity, engaged in learning about drama and pedagogy, using both the physical and visual discourses of performance, and the textual discourses of reflection.As we progress in this field, we are looking at ways to analyse bodies in movement as well as when they are static. This challenge involves developing new methods of analysis but also new methods of dissemination. With the proliferation of online journals these challenges have become more realisable. As we receive information in more and more diverse and dynamic forms, an engagement with ideas around embodiment, a continuation of the inquiry put forwardhere, becomes ever more relevant.

Our stance is not a view from nowhere but rather provisional engagement through a plurality of historically situated positions. Their insistence on proximity to oppression as a yardstick for authenticity turns the case and dooms solvency

Directory: download -> Michigan -> Allen-Pappas+Neg
Michigan -> The interest convergence framework is offense against their movements claims at all levels of analysis—the Black Panthers proves. Delgado ’02
Michigan -> Interpretation – Financial incentives must be positively linked to rewards – they cannot be negative Harris, 89
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Michigan -> Indefinite detention means holding enemy combatants until the cessation of hostilities – authority for it is codified in the ndaa
Michigan -> Round 2 v. Wake 1nc
Michigan -> Global nuclear expansion now – dozens of countries
Allen-Pappas+Neg -> Michigan ap – nu 2013 r1 neg v concordia nw
Allen-Pappas+Neg -> Michigan ap wake forest 2012 neg speeches round 2 neg v george washington bs 1nc Off

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