Speech by President of the Republic of Poland Mr. Andrzej duda national Press Club

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The US engagement in reassurance activities has been and will remain crucial. In the wake of the crisis in Ukraine, the US has visibly expanded its military presence in Poland and in the region. The European Reassurance Initiative, announced by President Obama during his visit to Warsaw, has extended the measures adopted by NATO. We welcome with satisfaction the announcement on increasing the presence of the US military equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. We declare our readiness for extensive co-operation with a view to bringing the equipment to Poland and boosting the defense system of both: our own country and that of the entire region.

However, as I said before, at the same time, we fully recognize seriousness of challenges from the South. Terrorist activities of the so-called Islamic State pose a threat which undermines the foundations of our civilization. Poland consequently stands by the countries fighting terrorism.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are 3 months left to the Warsaw Summit. We are strong and effective when we act together and stand at each other`s side.

Poles and Americans have a history of successful cooperation in this regard. Today, when we face numerous threats and challenges for our security, we need to preserve our strategic partnership which is built on mutual respect.

Allow me to sum up this presentation with the words of the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction”.

With this understanding, Poland is looking forward to meaningful results of the upcoming NATO Summit.

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