Speech At Melbourne University mfso representative Taking Part In The International Peace Pilgrimage Toward a nuclear Free Future

Of course, some will think they are getting food packages like in

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Of course, some will think they are getting food packages like in

Afghanistan, only to be blown to bits because once again cluster bombs rain terror from the sky and their unexploded bomblets curiously the same color of food rations, will make them hunger no more.
Oh, yes some will welcome you and be glad Saddam is gone until they

realize the U.S. intends to run the country for now. We will create a better life for them because apparently their life is flawed and barbaric. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are those that inhabited the darkside but I have to wonder if the most powerful administration on earth isn't the real source of evil, hell it was the U.S. that created and supported Bin Laden and Saddam and the list gets much longer as a history major you know. Of course, our contractors are lining up to rape the profits from oil, as we ironically build with their money, what we shamefully destroyed.
If it is you that has been mangled in metal what will I do, how will I react? I already know who I will blame.

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