Speech At Melbourne University mfso representative Taking Part In The International Peace Pilgrimage Toward a nuclear Free Future

resulting in many casualties. These incidents brought back a long

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resulting in many casualties. These incidents brought back a long

night I spent worrying about my son earlier this year and the emails

I sent him. The headline on Yahoo News read: U.S. Army Black Hawk Copter Shot Down 9 minutes ago
I wrote:

Hi Jeremy,
I am glad you are okay but I know you are not out of danger until you

come home. The email I sent you last night was not the one I originally wrote, that one appears below.
Last night I hesitated sending it to you, I wasn't sure I should. But

I reread it today and have had more time to think about it. I have decided to share it because to often we don't tell people what we want and then later regret it (then again sometimes we tell people what we want and end up regretting it also).
I realize everyday now, you are probably facing danger and experiencing things that will effect you as long as you live. I hate the fact that you and all the others there in the Gulf have to experience this and I feel so helpless in trying to stop it. Just watching it 24/7 on TV is having its effect on those of us, well away from the immediate danger.
I realize you and your fellows in arms did not choose your mission, and refusing to go and serve would be dealt with harshly. Unlike most Americans, that should they disagree with their boss or not agree with the company's goals, can just up and quit. Even so, some can't quit, they have no other viable options, I'm thinking about women that go to work each day and are groped and insulted but have to support their children.
So my anger is not pointed at those in the field but those that are not; they are using you to further their own goals. It is also very possible that this will appear in newspapers, as I use my pen to stop the bullets and the insanity. I also realize the administration has been effectively using the media, over 50% of Americans believe Saddam is connected to Bin Laden, because the link (that does not exist) to terrorism has been repeated over and over (if you say something enough, even if it has no basis in truth, you

become convinced it is true). Since no WMD (weapons of mass destruction) have been found or used yet, the administration has been hammering away how evil Saddam is, how he is responsible for more deaths than anyone else (which has been adjusted to of those leaders that are still living). The U.S. goals also keep changing.
So remember Jeremy, I love you and I am doing what every father should and that is protect you from harm. I ask you to forgive me for mistakes I have made in the past and those I make now but I'm doing my best.
Be careful, fly safe, watch out for yourself and those under you. Don't let your heart harden and don't just see black and white.

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