Special Subject Units from Sex Research Reel Listing Acton, William, 1813-1875

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Reel: 18, No. 187
Fletcher, Joseph, 1813-1852.

Summary of the moral statistics of England and Wales.

(London: s.n.). (1849)

Reel: 18, No. 188
Call, Johannis Michaelis.

Dissertatio inauguralis medica sistens criticen prophylaxeos siphylidis.

Friburgi Brisgoviae, Johannis Andreae Satron. 1777

Reel: 18, No. 189
Saxony, (Kingdom). Laws, statutes, etc.

(Generale (decree for all general) Saxony regarding the sale and distribution of offensive (obscene) popular writings).

(Dresden). (May 17, 1803)

Reel: 18, No. 190
Godard, Ernest, 1827-1862.

Recherches tératologiques sur l'appareil séminal de l'homme.

Paris: V. Masson. 1860

Reel: 18, No. 191
Grenville, George, 1712-1770.

The speech of a right honourable gentleman, on the motion for expelling Mr. Wilkes, Friday, February 3, 1769.

London, Printed for J. Almon. 1769

Reel: 18, No. 192
Haren, Onno Zwier Van, 1711-1779.

Memoire de Mr. O.Z. Van Haren, concernant la cause celebre entre lui & Mrs. et Mesmes. de Hogendorp et Zandyk, ses beauxfilles et ses filles, au sujet de l'attentat d'inceste.

Leeuwarde, aux depends de la compagnie. 1762

Dont ils l'ont accusé.

Reel: 18, No. 192A
Henner, A. J. U.

Du divorce.

Paris, Desenne. 1789

2d ed.

Reel: 18, No. 193
Hill, John, 1716?-1775.

Lucina sine concubitu.

London, Printed and sold by M. Cooper. 1750

A letter humbly address'd to the Royal Society ... 2d ed.

Reel: 18, No. 194
Hill, John, 1716?-1775.

Lucina sine concubitu, a letter humbly addressed to the Royal Society.

Edinburgh: Privately printed. 1885

edited by Edmund Goldsmid.

Reel: 18, No. 195
Hinman, Royal Ralph, 1785-1868.

The blue laws of New Haven colony: usually called blue laws of Connecticut, Quaker laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts, blue laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina, first record of Connecticut.

Hartford: Printed by Case, Tiffany & co. 1838

compiled by an Antiquarian.

Reel: 18, No. 196
Hollick, Frederick, b. 1818.

The marriage guide: or, Natural history of generation.

New York: T. W. Strong. c1850

a private instructor for married persons and those about to marry, both male and female.

Reel: 18, No. 197
Hollick, Frederick, b. 1818.

The marriage guide: or, Natural history of generation.

New York: T. W. Strong. c1850

a private instructor for married persons and those about to marry, both male and female.

Reel: 18, No. 198
Horsley, Samuel, bp. of St. Asaph, 1733-1806.

Substance of the Bishop of Rochesters speech, in the house of peers, Friday, May the 23rd, 1800, in the debate upon the third reading of the bill for the punishment and more effectual prevention of the crime of adultery.

London, Sold by James Robson, Printed by J. Smeeton. 1800

Reel: 18, No. 199
Disney, John, 1677-1730.

An essay upon the execution of the laws against immorality and prophaneness.

London, Printed and sold by Joseph Downing in Bartholomew. 1710

With a preface, address'd to her majesty's justices of the peace. 2d ed. enlarged.

Reel: 19, No. 182
Hunter, John, 1728-1793.

A treatise on the venereal disease.

London, Sold at no. 13 Castle-Street. 1786

Reel: 19, No. 200
Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Index librorum prohibitorum sanctissimi domini nostri Gergorii XVI pontificis maximi jussu editus.

Romae: Ex typographia reverendae camerae apostolicae. 1841

Reel: 19, No. 201
Kenrick, William, 1725?-1779.

Free thoughts on seduction, adultery, and divorce.

London, Printed for J. Bell, in the Strand. 1771

With reflections on the gallantry of princes, particularly those of the blood-royal of England. Occasioned by the late intrigue between his royal highness the Duke of Cumberland, and Henrietta, wife of the Right Honourable Richard Lord Grosvenor. Also.

Reel: 19, No. 202
Knecht, Matthaeus.

Vitia partium genitalium sexus potioris impotentiam conjugalem inducentia cum caussis et modo fiendi, praeside D. Christiano Friderico Jampert medicinae doctore publice defendet.

Halae, Ex officina Fürstenia. 1755

Reel: 19, No. 203
Korte Historische en oordeelkundige verhandlelinge over de sodomie, vervattende.

(n.p.). (n.d.)

benevens het placaat ... van Holland en Westvriesland.

Reel: 19, No. 204
Kotnig, Joseph.

Medicinischpolitischer Vorschlag der Lustseuche in grossen Städten, vorzüglich in Wien Einhalt zu thun.

(Wien). 1786

Reel: 19, No. 205
La Croix, M. B.

Dr. La Croix's physiological view of marriage: a popular treatise on the secret infirmities of youth and maturity, arising from genital diseases in both sexes.

Albany (New York): P. L. Gilbert. 1856

Sixtieth ed.

Reel: 19, No. 206
A Letter to the author of Some considerations on the act to prevent clandestine-marriages.

London, Printed for G. Hawkins. 1755

With a postscript.

Reel: 19, No. 207
The Life and amours of Lady Ann F-l-y.

London, Printed for G. Lister. (n.d.)

develloping the whole of her intrigues, from the time of her marriage with the Hon. Edward Foley, in October, 1778, till the present time; particularly with.

Reel: 19, No. 208
Livingston, John Henry, 1746-1825.

A dissertation on the marriage of a man with his sister in law.

New-Brunswick, Printed by Deare & Myer. 1816

Reel: 19, No. 209
Luisini, Luigi, 16th cent.


London, Printed for John Clarke. 1737

Containing a summary of the ancient writters on the venereal disease ... Extracted from the two tomes of Aloysius Luisinus.

Reel: 19, No. 210
Manuel, Pierre, 1751-1793.

La police de Paris dévoilée.

Paris, J. B. Garnery. 1791

1st ed.

Reel: 20, No. 211
Marshall, William, 1789-1864.

An inquiry concerning the lawfulness of marriage between parties previously related by consanguinity or affinity: also, a short history of opinions in different ages and countries, and of the action of ecclesiastical bodies on that subject.

New York: Mark H. Newman. 1843

Reel: 20, No. 212
Martens, Franz Heinrich, 1778-1805.

Icones symptomatum venerei morbi ad naturam delineavit: aeri incidit atque publici juris fecit = Tableaux des symptômes de la maladie vénérienne dessinés d'après nature, gravés et publiés.

Leipzig, Baumgartner. (1804)

Reel: 20, No. 213
Matter, Jacques, 1791-1864.

Ueber den Einfluss der Sitten auf die Gesetze und der Gesetze auf die Sitten.

Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder. 1833

Reel: 20, No. 214
Mauriceau, A. M.

The married woman's private medical companion.

New York: (s.n.). 1853

embracing the treatment of menstruation, or monthly turns, during their stoppage, irregularity, or entire suppression, pregnancy, and how it may be determined.

Reel: 20, No. 215
Mauriceau, A. M.

The married woman's private medical companion.

New York: (s.n.). 1854

embracing the treatment of menstruation, or monthly turns, during their stoppage, irregularity, or entire suppression, pregnancy, and how it may be determined.

Reel: 20, No. 216
Mendham, Joseph, 1769-1856.

An account of the indexes, both prohibitory and expurgatory, of the Church of Rome.

London: Hatchard. 1826

Reel: 20, No. 217
Mendham, Joseph, 1769-1856.

An index of prohibited books, by command of the present pope, Gregory XVI, in 1835.

London: Duncan and Malcolm. 1840

being the latest specimen of the literary policy of the Church of Rome.

Reel: 20, No. 218
Miller, Vincent.

The man-plant; or, Scheme for increasing and improving the British breed.

London, M. Cooper. 1752

2nd ed.

Reel: 20, No. 219
Moodie, John.

A medical treatise, with principles and observations, to preserve chastity and morality.

Edinburgh: Printed by Stevenson & co. 1848

with four plates of an apparatus for the same purpose.

Reel: 20, No. 220
Murder! The trials of Holloway and Haggerty for the wilful murder of Mr. Steele, on Hounslow Heath, in Nov. 1802.

London, Printed and sold by Howard and Evans. (n.d.)

Also of Elizabeth Godfrey, an unfortunate prostitute, for the murder of Richard Prince.

Reel: 21, No. 221
A New collection of trials for adultery: or, general history of modern gallantry and divorces.

London, Printed for the Proprietors, and sold by J. Gill. 1799

Containing a variety of the most remarkable trials, heard and determined in the courts of Doctors' Commons, the King's Bench, &c. &c., for adultery, fornication, cruelty, and other criminal conversations, &c. &c. to obtain divorces or damages, from the year 1780, to the present time.

Reel: 21, No. 222
Nicolas, Harris, Sir, 1799-1848.

A treatise on the law of adulterine bastardy.

London: William Pickering. 1836

with a report of the Banbury case, and of all other cases bearing upon the subject.

Reel: 21, No. 223
Observations on the tryal of Thomas Jones the footboy, before the right honourable the Lord Chief Justice Parker, on February the 17th, 1714, at the Kings-Bench in Westminster-hall.

London, Printed for James Roberts. 1714

Reel: 21, No. 224
Onderdonk, Benjamin Tredwell, bp., 1791-1861.

The proceedings of the court convened under the third canon of 1844, in the city of New York, on Tuesday, December 10, 1844, for the trial of the right Rev. Benjamin T. Onderdonk, Bishop of New York, on a presentment made by the bishops of Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia.

New York: D. Appleton & co. 1845

Reel: 21, No. 225
Parsons, James, 1705-1770.

A mechanical and critical enquiry into the nature of hermaphrodites.

London, Printed for J. Walthoe. 1741

Reel: 21, No. 226
Perceval, Spencer, 1762-1812.

The genuine book.

London, W. Lindsell. 1813

An inquiry, or delicate investigation into the conduct of her royal highness the Princess of Wales; before ... the four special commissioners of inquiry, appointed by his majesty in the year 1806. Reprinted from an authentic copy ... 2d ed.

Reel: 21, No. 227
Predigt eines alten Kapuziners über Zeitgeist, Freiheitschwindel, Landstande, und Pressfreiheit.

Stuttgart: J. Scheible. 1832

Reel: 21, No. 228
Prichard, James Cowles, 1786-1848.

A treatise on insanity and other disorders affecting the mind.

Philadelphia: Haswell, Barrington, & Haswell. 1837

Reel: 21, No. 229
De la propagation du genre humain, ou, Manuel indespensable pour ceux qui veulent avoir de beaux enfans, de l'un ou de l'autre sexe.

Paris, L. Prudhomme. 1798

Reel: 21, No. 230
Pusey, Edward Bouverie, 1800-1882.

A letter on the proposed change in the laws prohibiting marriage between those near of kin.

Oxford: John Henry Parker. 1842

Reel: 22, No. 231
Richter, Friedrich.

Das Wissenswerthe über die Ansteckung der venerischen Krankheit.

Basse. 1830

Dritte verb. Aufl. -- Quedlinburg: Gottfr.

Reel: 22, No. 232
Roe, Richard, pseud.

A letter to Dr. Abraham Johnson on the subject of his new scheme for the propagation of the human species.

London, Printed for M. Cooper. 1750

in which, another method of obtaining that great end, more adequate to the sentiments of the ladies, is proposed; and, the reflections that author has cast upon the Royal Society of London, are answered.

Reel: 22, No. 233
Rosenberg, Carl Heinrich.

Androgynik, Beweis für ein neues naturgemässes Heilverfahren zur Verhütung und Ausrottung aller geheimen Krankheiten und deren Folgeübel und zur Wiederherstellung der Mannheit in Verbindung mit einem Preservativ gegen Infection.

St. Petersburg: W. Hübner. (1853)

Zweite Aufl.

Reel: 22, No. 234
Rouyer, Jules, physician.

Etudes médicales sur l'ancienne Rome.

Paris: Delahaye. 1859

Reel: 22, No. 235
Schurig, Martin, 1656-1733.

Muliebria historico-medica, hoc est partium genitalium muliegrium consideratio physicomedico-forensis, qua pudendi muliebris partes.

Dresdae & Lipsiae, Christophori Hekelii B. Filium. 1729

Reel: 22, No. 236
Schurig, Martin, 1656-1733.

Parthenologia historico-medica, hoc est, virginitatis consideratio, qua ad eam pertinentes pubertas & menstruatio, cum ipsarum maturitate.

Dresdae & Lipsiae, Christophori Hekelii B. Filium. 1729

Reel: 22, No. 237
Schurig, Martin, 1656-1733.

Spermatologia historico-medica. h.e. seminis humani consideratio physico-medico-legalis, qua ejus natura et usus, insimulque opus generationis et varia de coitu aliaque hue pertinentia.

Francofurti ad Moenum, Johannis Beckii. 1720

Reel: 22, No. 238
Schurig, Martin, 1656-1733.

Syllepsilogia historico-medica hoc est conceptionis muliebris consideratio physico-medico-forensis qua ejusdem locus, organa, materia, modus in atretis seu imperforatis.

Dresdae & Lipsiae, B. Christophi Hekelii Fil. 1731

Reel: 22, No. 239
Seaman, Valentine, 1770-1817.

The midwives monitor, and mothers mirror.

New-York, Printed by Isaac Collins. 1800

being three concluding lectures of a course of instruction on midwifery. Containing directions for pregnant women; rules for the management of natural births, and for early discovering when the aid of a physician is necessary; and cautions for nurses, respecting both the mother and child. To which is prefixed, a syllabus of lectures on that subject.

Reel: 22, No. 240
Select trials, for murders, robberies, rapes, sodomy, coining, frauds, and other offences: at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bailey.

London, Printed for J. Wilford. 1734-35

To which are added, genuine accounts of the lives, behaviour, confessions and dyingspeeches of the most eminent convicts.

Reel: 23, No. 241
She is and she is not: a fragment of the true history of Miss Caroline de Grosberg, alias Mrs. Potter, &c. &c. exhibiting a series of uncommon artifices and intrigues in the course of her transactions with the Earl of Lauderdale, in the years 1764 and 1765.

London, Printed for J. Bew. 1776

Together with an account of the proceedings in the process the commenced against his Lordship, and the substance of the evidence on both sides. Compiled from papers of undeniable authenticity, and dedicated to Mrs. M----t C----e R-dd.

Reel: 23, No. 242
A Short account of some extraordinary proceedings against the person who was shot in Lincoln's-Inn-Garden.

London, Printed for T. Cooper. 1742

Written by himself. To which is subjoined a curious letter to the author from an unknown hand.

Reel: 23, No. 243
Sibly, Ebenezer, 1751-1800.

The medical mirror; Or, treatise on the impregnation of the human female.

London, Printed for the author. (1796)

Shewing the origin of diseases and the principles of life and death.

Reel: 23, No. 244
Simon, Friedrich Alexander, 1793-1869.

Kritische Geschichte des Ursprungs der Pathologie und Behandlung der Syphilis, Tochter und wiederum Mutter des Aussatzes.

Hamburg: Hoffmann und Campe. 1857-1860

Zweite Abtheilung.

Reel: 23, No. 245
Some authentick memoirs of the life of Colonel Ch---------s, rape-master-general of Great Britain.

London, Printed, and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster. 1730

Reel: 23, No. 246
Steglehner, Georgius.

De hermaphroditorum natura tractatus anatomico-physiologico-pathologicus.

Kunz. 1817

Bambergae et Pisiae, Carol. Friederic.

Reel: 23, No. 247
Stevens, Abel, 1815-1897.

Satanic literature, The devil in literature, Licentiousness in the fine arts.

New York: Carlton & Phillips. 1855

Reel: 23, No. 248
Strang, Jessie, d. 1827.

The confession of Jesse Strang.

Albany: Printed by J. B. Van Steehbergh. 1827

who was convicted of the murder of John Whipple at a special court of Oyer and Terminer, held in and for the County of Albany, on the fourth day of August 1827...: made to C. Pepper, esq., one of his counsel.

Reel: 23, No. 249
Thoughts on the propriety of preventing marriages founded on adultery.

London, F. and C. Rivington ... and J. Hatchard. 1800

Reel: 23, No. 250
A Treatise concerning adultery and divorce.

London, Printed by R. Roberts. 1700

Reel: 23, No. 251
Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland, 1745-1740, defendant.

The trial of his R. H. the D.(uke) of C.(umberland) July 5th 1770.

London, Printed for John Walker. 1770

For criminal conversation with Lady Harriet G----------r. To which is prefixed, an introductory discourse upon the ancient and modern punishments of adultery, and the uncommon progress of that crime. 6th ed.

Reel: 23, No. 252
The Trial of Mr. Cooke, malt distiller, of Stratford, for the crime of adultery with Mrs. Walford.

London, Printed for M. Lewis ... and M. Symonds. 1789

Reel: 23, No. 253
Trials for adultery; or, The history of divorces.

London, Printed for S. Bladon. 1779

Being select trials at Doctor's Commons, for adultery, cruelty, fornication, impotence, &c. From the year 1760, to the present time. Including the whole of the evidence on each cause. Together with the letters, &c. that have been intercepted between the amorous parties.

Reel: 23, No. 254
Castlehaven, Mervyn Touchet, 2d earl of, d. 1631, defendant.

The tryal and condemnation of Mervin, Lord Audley Earl of Castlehaven.

London, (n.p.). 1699

At Westminster, April the 5th 1631. For abetting a rape upon his countess, committing sodomy with his servants, and commanding and countenancing the debauching of his daughter. With the learned speeches of the lord highsteward, the arguments of the king's councel upon that occasion, and the Lord Audley's speech at the place of execution.

Reel: 24, No. 255
Morris, William, Sir, bart., complainent.

The tryal between Sir W----m M--rr--s, Baronet, plaintiff, and Lord A---gst---s F--tz-R-y, defendant, for criminal conversation with the plaintiff's wife, at the Kings Bench Bar, Westminster.

London, Printed for J. Huggonson. 1742

Reel: 24, No. 256
Tullius (pseud.?).

Incest, or something very much like it.

London: Wilkes & co., Printers. 1832

developed in a series of interesting correspondence.

Reel: 24, No. 257
Warner, J. Henry.

The magic monitor and medical intelligencer ... love, courtship & marriage ... the detection, prevention & cure of all private diseases, &c., &c., &c.

(New York): J. H. Warner. 1859

Reel: 24, No. 259
The Whole of the proceedings in the arches-court of Canterbury, in a cause between the Hon. Mrs. Catherine Weld, daughter to the Lord Aston, and Edward Weld Esquire, her husband.

London, Printed for E. Rayner. 1732

Containing, ... To which is prefixed, a preface, by the author of the tryal of F. Girard and Miss Cadiere.

Reel: 24, No. 260
Wigand, Justus Heinrich, 1769-1817.

Wodurch kann man sich vor der venerischen Ansteckung und ihren bösen Folgen sichern?.

Hamburg, J. P. Meyer. 1794

Ein Warnungs-Büchelchen für all Junggesellen.

Reel: 24, No. 261
L'Almanach des muses, contenant un choix des meilleures pièces de poésies fugitives, qui ont paru en 1764; avec des remarques.

Paris, Paris, Chez Delalain. 1765; 1769

Reel: 24, No. 263
Amatory poetry: or, The effusions of love: consisting of a new and elegant collection of the most choice and esteemed pieces of sentiment and humour.

London: Printed for E. Barrett. 1823

Reel: 24, No. 264
Allaire, N. A.

Octave et Sophie, suivi de Caroline et Darville Nouvelles.

Paris, Pigoreau. an VII (1799)

Reel: 25, No. 262
The Amorous gallant's tongue tipp'd with golden expressions; or, The art of courtship refined, being the best and newest academy.

London, Printed for C. Hitch. (1743)

13th ed.

Reel: 25, No. 265
Amorous sketches by Master Cupid.

London Printed for G. Forbs. (1796?)

with six capital engravings from nature and life.

Reel: 25, No. 265A
Amours et remords, Histoire véritable par Madame la Comtesse.

Paris et Francfort, Chez J. G. G. Schaefer. 1814

Reel: 25, No. 266
Les Amours folastres et recreatives du Filou et de Robinette.

Paris: Jules Gay. 1862

Réimpression textuelle faite sur l'edition de 1629, augmentée d'un avant propos et de notes par M.P.L.

Reel: 25, No. 267
Les Amours, galanteries et pa-se-temps des actrices: ou, Confessions curieuses et galantes de ces dames.

Couillopolis (Geneva): (s.n.). 1700 (1865?)

rédigées par une bayadère de l'opera.

Reel: 25, No. 268
Andrieux, Francois Guillaume Jean Stanislas, 1759-1833.

Contes et opuscules, en vers et en prose, suivis de poésies fugitives.

Paris, Ant. Aug. Renouard. 1800

Reel: 25, No. 269
Joubert, Nicolas.

Satyrs bastardes et autres oeuvres folastres.

Quimper-Corentin: Societe de Bibliophiles. 1865

du Cadet Angoulevent.

Reel: 25, No. 270
Aretino, Pietro, 1492-1556.

Oeuvres choisies.

Paris: Charles Gosselin. 1845

de P. Arétin: tr. de l'italien, pour la première fois, avec des notes par P.L. Jacob et précédées de la vie abrégée de l'auteur, par Dujardin, d'après Mazzuchelli.

Reel: 25, No. 271

The love epistles of Aristaenetus.

London, J. Wilkie. 1771

translated from the Greek into English metre.

Reel: 25, No. 272
The Art of tickling trout; shewing, the method how all faculties and professions in the world affect the false arts of wheedle, cant and flattery, to please fools and deceive wise men.

London. (1708?)

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