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Gouverneur Morris (do not accept just Morris)
20. In the Aeneid, this Trojan priest of Neptune opposed the goal of the Greek Sinon, calling the Trojans to, “Fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts. His arguments fail in the end, especially in the face of a disaster that seems to the Trojans to be a warning from the gods. For ten points, name the wary Trojan who is killed, along with his two sons, by a pair of snakes from the sea.

ANSWER: Laocoon (Lao kon)

21. Born in Rome and educated in Monaco, he tried to synthesize poetry and the visual arts, ultimately having a significant influence on French poetry and modern art. His outstanding works include The Cubist Painters, The Poet Assassinated, Caligrammes, and Alcools. For ten points, name this friend of Pablo Picasso who is credited with coining the term "surrealist" in reference to one of his dramas.

ANSWER: Guillaume

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