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18. When her husband is killed by her brother, she vows to remain chaste for the rest of her life, rejecting the courtship of many eligible men. However, her vow breaks miserably upon the arrival of Aeneas, the handsome leader of the Trojans, who stops by on his way to Ausonia, also known as Italy. Despite their mutual feelings for each other, Aeneas is urged to leave her, for his fate is to marry Lavinia and found Rome. FTP, name this queen of Carthage who resorts to self-immolation in her despair and fury.


19. Born in 1752, this New York native served in the Continental Congress from 1778-79. After moving to Philadelphia, he served five years as the assistant to the superintendent of finance under the Articles of Confederation. While in this post, he formed the basis for the present U.S. monetary system. FTP name this Pennsylvania delegate to the Constitutional Convention who is responsible for much of the Constitution’s wording and was not related to a contemporary named Robert.


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