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15. For some reason, these folks are always typified as scary people in the media. Sandra Bullock ended up being one, but that wasn’t really her given occupation. Chris Farley was not credited for his role as an angry one, but he did get to check out Veronica Vaughan. FTP identify this profession that includes Otto from The Simpsons and Mrs. Crabtree from South Park.

ANSWER: bus driver

16. Annexed by Britain in 1878, this port became part of South Africa in 1910, but its administration was handed to South-West Africa in 1922. An important port and also a railway and industry center, it became a source of contention after Namibia's 1990 independence. FTP, name this city, finally ceded to Namibia in 1994 and now a free-trade zone.

ANSWER: Walvis Bay

17. Though he was of Irish descent, he spent almost his whole life in South America, where he earned fame as a revolutionary leader of the 19th century. He took over the Chilean government in 1810 while Spain was fighting off Napoleon. Defeated by the Peruvian viceroy, he returned in 1817 with Argentine general Jose de San Martin, and defeated the Spanish at Chacabuco, insuring Chile's independence. FTP, name this first Supreme Director of Chile with an Irish-sounding name.

ANSWER: Bernardo

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