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12. Last August, a bomb exploded at a Planet Hollywood restaurant in this nation. In December, a synagogue was bombed. On New Year’s Day, a car bomb exploded on a waterfront site popular with tourists. Early in January, police fired on Moslems protesting the visit of Tony Blair. FTP name this explosion-prone nation that has most recently been victimized by a bomb at the Cape Town police headquarters.

ANSWER: South Africa

13. . The middle of this constellation lies almost exactly on the celestial equator. Several famous stars are included in it, including a favorite shore-leave destination on the Enterprise. FTP, name this once blinded hunter of Greek myth and you’ve named the constellation.
14. This British author was born with the last name Straussler in Czechoslovakia in 1937, and got to England in 1954 by way of India and a British Officer stepfather. He began his writing career as a journalist and dramatist of works such as Arcadia, but he is most famous for his slantwise takes on Shakespeare, first in a brilliantly witty and absurd play, and then as a screenwriter for the recent movie Shakespeare in Love. FTP, name this author of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.


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