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Hare Krishna
10. Horses’ hooves, hens’ feathers, sheep’s wool, and your nails (provided they’re not press-on), all contain large amounts of this fibrous structural protein. Its great strength is due to the large number of cysteines which from strong di-sulfide bonds and the way it forms sheets held together by hydrogen bonding. FTP, name this famous protein.
ANSWER: Keratin
11. A bullyish and unmanageable child, he was expelled from two reform schools for stabbing his schoolmates with a penknife. After choosing, strangely, to become a schoolteacher, he founded the socialist rag "The Class Struggle" and espoused socialist rhetoric he would later vociferously reject. FTP, name this man, Italy's youngest Prime Minister and the founder of the Fasci di Combattimento.

ANSWER: Benito Amilcare Andrea

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