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Methadone (acc “Dolophine

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Methadone (acc “Dolophine” if it is given before it appears in the question)
6. Born in 1925 in Kasai Province, he spent his early years working in such various roles are postal clerk and nurse's assistant. He first rose to prominence in 1958, when he founded the National Congolese Movement. Upon independence, he became prime minister, but was quickly toppled by General Mobutu. FTP, name this politician and revolutionary from the Congo, assassinated in 1961.

ANSWER: Patrice Lumumba

7. It is the story of a 1920s film star and his funny sidekick Cosmo making the transition from silent movies to talking pictures. But when Don Lockwood falls for the sweet-voiced Kathy Selden, his jealous co-star Lina Lamont vows to stir up some trouble. Name, FTP, this motion picture musical starring Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, and Gene Kelly.


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