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b. A tiff over whose captive princess is whose between Achilles and this commander of the Greek forces leads to the former's pouty refusal to fight and to the Greeks' subsequent troubles in the war.

ANSWER: Agamemnon

c. This Trojan ally, co-commander of the Lycians, is killed by Patroclus after Hera convinces his father Zeus not to change his fated doom.

ANSWER: Sarpedon
20. You're American, right? Well, then name the year in which each of these territories became American for ten points each:

a. Louisiana Purchase ANSWER: 1803

b. The Oregon Country ANSWER: 1846

c. Florida ANSWER: 1819

21. We do our best to but the “ICK!” back into Physics. Answer these revolutionary questions.

a. The torque is the product of two quantities. Name them FTP each.

ANSWER: Force and Radius

b. What is the Greek symbol for angular velocity?

22. Identify the trigonometric identity FTPE.

  1. sine over cosine

ANSWER: Tangent (acc. TAN)

  1. one over cosine

ANSWER: Secant (acc. SEC)

  1. cosine over sine

ANSWER: Cotangent (acc.. COT)
23. For ten points each , answer the following questions about religious cults.

a. This group consists of many recognizable names, such as Kelly Preston and Bruce Willis, and they really don't like being called a cult, claiming legitimacy.

ANSWER: Church of Scientology

b. Give the full name of the leader of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, whose followers are known as the moonies.

ANSWER: Sun Myung Moon or Moon Sun Myung

c. Name the leader of Aum Shinrikyo, the group responsible for the gas attacks in Tokyo subway systems in March of 1995.

ANSWER: Shoko Asahara

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