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14. Answer the following questions about Isak Dinesen for the stated number of points:

a. For 10, Isak Dinesen was the pseudonym of what European noblewoman?

ANSWER: Baroness Karen Blixen

b. For 5, what semi-autobiographical book recounted Blixen’s experiences as a plantation-owner in Kenya?

ANSWER: Out of Africa

c. For 15, to what Kenyan tribe--the largest in Kenya and the home tribe of Jomo Kenyatta--did Blixen’s plantation workers belong?

ANSWER: Kikuyu or Giguyu or Gekoyo or Agekoyo
15. 30-20-10. Name the state from physical features.

30: Millwood Lake, De Grey Lake, Saline River

20: Ouachita Mountains, White River, Bull Shoals Lake

10: Hot Springs National Park, Ozark Plateau

ANSWER: Arkansas
16. The world is filled with important "Y" shaped things. Funny how this question is being used in a Yale tournament. Maybe there's a message here. Answer the following questions about Y-shaped things FTP each.

a. These proteins are crucial for immune function.


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