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Leopold and Richard Loeb
4. He graduated from Cornell in 1976 with a degree in mechanical engineering, but he’s not your run-of-the-mill science nerd. While in college, he won a Steve Martin impersonation contest, and his desire both to perform and inform led to his current gig. With frequent shouts of “Science rules!” and oh-so-clever song parodies, like En Lobe’s “Whatta Brain” and “Let’s Talk About Stress” by a Salt n’ Pepa-esqe trio, his PBS show is one of the more entertaining and educational children’s shows today. FTP, name the eponymous show and star.

ANSWER: Bill Nye the Science Guy

5. A synthetic, addictive narcotic that became available after World War II, this drug has some analgesic properties, but it is not usually prescribed for this purpose. It is a white crystalline powder and can be taken orally. Also known as dolophine, this drug is most commonly used in “maintenance” therapy to ease withdrawal symptoms from heroin. FTP, name this drug, described as “sickly sweet” in Trainspotting, that sounds like it is associated with a Protestant faith.

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