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b. This is an idea espousing the interpretation of pictures according to their usual pronunciations instead of the objects depicted.

ANSWER: rebus principle

c. This is the language from which the Assyrian and Babylonian dialects that use cuneiform are derived.

ANSWER: Akkadian
10. For the stated number of points, name the NFL franchise whose defense was once known by these nicknames.

5: The Steel Curtain ANSWER: Pittsburgh Steelers

10: The Orange Crush ANSWER: Denver Broncos

15: The Doomsday Defense ANSWER: Dallas Cowboys

11. Answer the following questions, for the stated number of points.

a. FTP, identify the Swiss psychologist who lived from 1896-1980, known for his pioneering work on the development of psychology in children. He identified four stages of a child’s mental growth.

ANSWER: Jean Piaget

b. FFPE, identify the four stages of a child’s mental growth, according to Piaget.


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