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8. Answer these questions on what’s been going on in the Republican camp since Gingrich’s resignation for ten points each.

a. This hot-tempered Louisianan, chairman of the Appropriations Committee was the favorite to take over as Speaker. However, he resigned from the House after allegations of extramarital affairs came to the surface.

ANSWER: Robert Livingston

b. This Oklahoma representative and former pro sports star tried unsuccessfully to run against Dick Armey for House Majority Leader.

ANSWER: Steve Largent

c. Born in New Haven and fluent in Spanish, this amiable governor won reelection comfortably as a "compassionate conservative", emphasizing his devotion to minority education.

ANSWER: George W. Bush
9. For ten points each, answer the following about Sumerian cuneiform.

a. Despite the similar use of signs, there is actually little basis for connecting Sumerian cuneiform with this relatively more recent character system used in ancient Egypt.


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