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Long Day’s Journey Into Night

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Long Day’s Journey Into Night
5. Identify the famous dead white American man. You’ll get 30 points if you get it from a description of the weapons system named after him, 15 if on a historical clue, and 5 if on the first name and year of birth.

30: Over 1,000 feet long and displacing 95,000 tons, it is one of the largest ships ever built. Launched in 1972, it participated in the ill-fated Iranian hostage rescue mission, as well as Operation Desert Storm. It is designated CVN 68 and gives its name to an entire class of warships.

15: He commanded the United States Pacific Fleet throughout World War II.

5: His first name is Chester, and he was born in 1885.

ANSWER: Chester William Nimitz
6. To become a celebrity, it seems to help to change their names. Given the following birth names, give their better known stage name, FTPE.

a. Paul Hewson ANSWER:

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