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Apollinaire (de Kostrowitsky)
22. Called aogai in Japanese and lo tien in Chinese, this artistic technique originated in Ming dynasty China. Used mainly to decorate small objects and miniatures, this process involved decorating lacquer ware with designs of shaped pieces of blue-green “sea ear” shell. Gold and silver engraving sometimes accompanied the shell inlay. FTP, give the most common western name for this artistic method.

ANSWER: lac burgauté

23. This force has mu has its coefficient when calculating friction on inclined surfaces, and can be considered the force with which a surface “pushes back.” FTP, name this “ordinary” force that is perpendicular to the force on an object.
ANSWER: Normal force

Bulldog High School Academic Tournament VIII

1. Given the common name of a bone in your body, give its medical name FTP.

a. The kneecap


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