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Bulldog High School Academic Tournament VIII

1. Every first-team All-American from NCAA men's basketball in the 1990's is still in the NBA, EXCEPT for this flashy shooting guard. Drafted by the Heat in 1992, he was best known for his dunking ability, and won both the 1993 and 1995 slam dunk championships in his brief career. FTP, name this former Southern Cal standout.

ANSWER: Harold (Hal) Miner
2. This group received its name from Herbert Huncke, a drug addict, thief, and prostitute who spent much of his life in prison. He does, however, often appear in the novels of the group’s most famous authors. For ten points, name this literary posse, centered in North Beach, Venice Beach, and Greenwich Village, whose members included Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs.

ANSWER: beat generation or movement

3. While Clarence Darrow may be best known for taking on William Jennings Bryan, he also delivered an eloquent speech against the death penalty in a 1924 Illinois murder and kidnapping case. It was called the "trial of the century," although the century had just begun. FTP, name the defendants of this trial, one of whom was the crime-obsessed son of the retired Sears Roebuck vice president, the other an ornithologist and philosopher.

ANSWER: Nathan

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