Spanish Reflection

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Spanish Reflection:
Coming in to CAT. I didn’t know anything about Spanish. I didn’t even know that Spanish was a language that was required I high school. Over these past 2 years, I’ve been more interested in the Spanish language more then ever, and I’m glad I learned it at an introductory level first. This knowledge can help me later on in life, because if I were to go somewhere where a lot of Spanish is spoken, I would be able to understand a little and I wouldn’t be as lost opposed to me not learning it at all.

As a Spanish language learner, some challenges that I’ve faced are pronouncing the words correctly, and putting the accents in the right places. Some success that I’ve come across are understanding the words I know, and pronouncing the words that I’m comfortable with. The strategies that I’ve used to help me study for quizzes and other things I have trouble with in Spanish, are practicing the words I don’t understand, and reading everything over to myself until I do understand it. Another thing I usually do is read off everything on the practice quiz with another person so, so I know what I would need to fix when I practice alone. I have been given the opportunity to get quiz revisions on everything I could have done better on, to show my understanding and overcoming my challenges.

Learning another language has not affected the way I use words to express myself, but it has made me more confident on words and phrases that I understand. On Spanish quizzes, I always score higher on the sentences, and phrases sections opposed to the conjunctions, and grammar. I feel most confident when I’m able to understand the things that people say to me in Spanish. However, I enjoy using English to express myself because I’ve had more practice with it through out my life, which is another reason I feel everyone, not just people in high school should learn another language. It actually helps your skills as a language learner, and it would make you more comfortable with everyday people that might not speak the same language as you.

High schools require only 2 years of a foreign language, in my opinion, because it helps us learn about the particular culture and helps to expand the brain with new things that we learn about. In these 2 years of a foreign language we may not be proficient, but we are able to grasp and understanding while were in class. Just because the goal isn’t fluency I feel like we should still study another language. It is important to American society just as English. When you first learn a new language you know its going to be a challenge, so the first time you try it you just want you understand it, and dig a little deeper into it when your comfortable. I started out like this, first coming into C.A.T. I sat in the front of Spanish class, and I was lost. I didn’t understand anything so I was frustrated a lot of the time until I finally understood it.

I believe that my understanding of Spanish is good, however I would like to further my learning abilities in Spanish language, being that I like learning new things, and languages. Spanish Speaking to me is important to me because this has been something I’ve always wanted to learn.

An enriched understanding of other cultures has affected my community, because now there’s less segregated people in my community, who make it easier to walk outside everyday and feel comfortable with myself and the people around me. I feel like if Spanish wasn’t taught in high schools, we wouldn’t be able to understand one another, as much as most of us understand each other now. My understanding of the Latin culture before my experience in Spanish class was. What’s the point? I wasn’t interested in learning about anything that wasn’t dealing with my cultural background, or ethnicity. The question I kept asking myself was why would I want to learn about another language, with people that probably don’t know my name, or care anything about me. However this wasn’t the case at all. I didn’t give it a chance before I expressed my feelings so harshly. I am now glad that I learned a new language, and am able to overcome the challenges I had with it at first.


This is a great reflection. A lot of detail is used and you are clear about your growth and experience. You will score higher on this reflection for my final than you will on the grad portfolio rubric, because you did not talk about the song project. To get this ready for certification talk specifically about your Spanish artifact and how you used many of the skills you mentioned and you managed many of the struggles you referenced.


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