Spanish Major 28 credits

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Spanish Major

28 credits

Effective Fall Semester 2009

A minimum grade of “B” is required for all courses which are counted towards the Spanish major.
Of the 28 credits required for the major, a minimum of 15, in addition to the capstone, must be residential

(taken at NDSU, neither Tri-College nor study abroad).

I. Core — 18 credits

The SPAN 311-312 sequence (3 cr. each) is required for a Spanish major.

SPAN 311 (Spanish Conversation and Composition I) __________

SPAN 312 (Spanish Conversation and Composition II) __________

Choose at least one of: __________
SPAN 330 (Introduction to Spanish Civilization)

SPAN 331 (Introduction to Spanish American Civilization)

Choose at least one of: __________
SPAN 401 (Advanced Spanish Grammar and Writing)*Upper-level writing req.

SPAN 402 (Advanced Spanish Conversation)

Choose at least one of: __________

SPAN 440 (Traditions in Spanish American Literature)

SPAN 441 (Contemporary Spanish American Literature)

SPAN 442 (Chicano Literature)

SPAN 443 (Spanish American Women Writers)
Choose at least one of: __________
SPAN 450 (Traditions in Spanish Literature)

SPAN 451 (Contemporary Spanish Literature)

SPAN 452 (Cervantes)

SPAN 453 (Spanish Women Writers) 18 cr.

II. Electives — 9 credits

Choose nine (9) additional credits from any of the previous three-credit courses not yet taken or:
SPAN 332 (Hispanic cinema) __________

SPAN 430 (Approaches to Literature) __________


9 cr.

III. A minimum of one year of a second language __________

IV. Study Abroad minimum of one full semester (14 consecutive weeks) _________

academic experience abroad through an approved program at the

300+ level.

V. Capstone: Senior Thesis SPAN 489 (1 cr.) _________

Consult department or adviser in the semester prior to enrolling in 489 1 cr.


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