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Alliance Spain SVIGA021 ARCH 16.07.2008 30.07.2008 18-24


Code: SVIGA021 Year: 2008


Location: Boiro (Boiro)

Address: Youth Camp Espiсeira

Project: ARCH - Archaeology

Initial Date: 16-07-2008 Final Date: 30-07-2008

Min Age: 18 Max Age: 24 Places: 6

Description of Workcamp:

REGION.- Region of Galicia. Province of A Coruсa.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK.- Archaeological intervention: excavation and

consolidation of the ruins and exhumed rests, in the O Neixon

camp (a Celtic village) in order to get ist revaluation as a

cultural resource, promoting the creation of an archaeological

classroom and making possible to pay a cultural visit to the



Classification and reconstruction of ceramics recovered from

excavations. Going out into important historical and cultural

heritage places.

Realization of ideals reconstructions of the structure excavated

and search of the natural lines of transit.

NOTE: These activities are for your guidance and will be able

changed in the development of workcamp.

ACCOMMODATION/FOOD.- In the youth camp “Espiсeira”, in Boiro (A

Coruсa) (Tel. 981 845260)-only available during the activity).

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by specialized


Volunteers will be picked up by bus everyday from the youth camp

to the place of work.

LOCATION.- The archaeological area in Neixуn is situated in the

parish of Saint Vicenzo de Cespуn (Boiro municipality). Neixуn is

considered one of most interesting cultural landscapes of the

Barbanza peninsula. Therefore, not only is it a geographic symbol

in this part of the Arousa estuary, and a natural space of

considerable beauty, but it also presents itself as a very

important archaeological site for the understanding of

Prehistoric Galicia.

The denominated Castro Grande (Big Fort) of Neixon is a fortified

settlement probably constructed around the C. IV BC. Its strong

boundary wall, formed by barricaded earth, protects the point

from easy access along the isthmus.

In the Archaeological Centre of Barbanza building, besides the

archaeological area in Neixуn, is hosted a permanent and

interactive exhibition, from recent prehistory to Romanization of

Galicia. Here we find the most significant material remains

recovered since 2003 at Castro Grande by youngsters who attend

the annual international work camp.

Boiro town belongs to A Coruсa province and it is 48 Km away

from Santiago de Compostela city, 118 Km away from A Coruсa city,

119 Km away from Lugo and 90 Km away from Vigo (Pontevedra).

NOTE: This work camp has no access for physical disabled people.


By plane: ( Ph. +34 902 404 704

Santiago de Compostela airport. Ph. + 34 981 547 501

A Coruсa airport. Ph. +34 981 187 200

Vigo airport. Ph. +34. 986 268 200

By road

- Service Lugo-Santiago. Company: FREIRE (

Ph. +34 982 220 300

- Service A Coruсa-Santiago-Pontevedra-Vigo Company: MONBUS

( Ph. +34 902 292 900

- Service Santiago-Boiro-Ribeira. Company: ARRIVA

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