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hostile to those who are unfamiliar with them (high altitudes,

tropical forests, deserts or very dry zones, extreme cold or

heat). We believe that this work camp may offer an innovative

contribution in this respect because specialised training actions

do not usually focus on these areas, despite them being so

positive in practice. The activities will be adapted to the

environment where the work camp is located, but work will also be

done on theoretical situations, which will cover all types of

climates and natural settings. The following areas of training

are considered to be fundamental in this respect:

- Mental approach in hostile natural environments.

- Orientation techniques

- Building of a refuge.

- Basic survival techniques. Obtaining, filtering and purifying

water. Improvising methods of making fire, obtaining food.

- Health risks for participants in the environment.

Other physical activities can be done, such as adventure sports.

These may be useful in participants’ future cooperation work:

mountaineering, cliff climbing, kayak, abseiling, walking and

exercises, all to physically prepare participants for working in

rural, natural settings.

Also, cultural activities will be organised in free time, related

to the natural, ethnographic and gastronomic heritage of

Extremadura, and there will be two outings to combine education

and leisure.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS.- Direcciуn General de Juventud - Tel. 924




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