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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Alliance Spain SVICN011 AGRI 04.08.2008 18.08.2008 18-30


Code: SVICN011 Year: 2008


Location: Buenavista Del Norte

Project: AGRI - Agriculture

Initial Date: 04-08-2008 Final Date: 18-08-2008

Min Age: 18 Max Age: 30 Places: 10

Description of Workcamp:

REGION.- Region of Canarias. Tenerife island.


Agricultural work:

- Cleaning and conditioning of ground.

- Formative talks on organic farming.

- Sowing of products from the area.

Awareness enviromental campaign.

Design and development of environmental workshops aimed at youth.


Guided tour around the town and visit to a farm to learn about

the cultivation of bananas and his subsequent manufacturing in an

agricultural cooperative.

Guided tour around the municipality and beach afternoon at Las


Trekking around “el Monte del Agua” (“laurel forest” bastion).

Workshop of music and traditional Canarian dances.

Guided tour around “Caserнo de Masca”, Canyoneering of “Masca”,

Spend the night on the beach of “Masca” and return by boat to

“Punta de Teno”.

Adventures activities and visit to “el Teide” National park.

Workshop on native canarian sports.

Guided tour around near towns (Los Silos-Garachico). Guided tour

around historical places.

Guided tour around touristic places on the north of Tenerife:

Puerto de la Cruz y La Orotova.

Ethnographic route in the village “Teno Alto”.

Visit to town center of “Icod” and caving in the “Cueva de San


Visit to the metropolitan area: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

(Commercial area,, Museum of Nature and Mankind and the beach of

“Las Teresitas”) and La Laguna (Historical area and the Museum of

History of Tenerife).

Workshop on Water activities in “Punta de Teno” (Diving).


The volunteer agrees to:

- Working, selflessly, stipulated hours in the camp working

project, five days a week.

- Collaborate on the development of the scheduling of animation

activities and participate on them.

- Contribute to the work camp overall organization in the

suitable tasks: cleaning, cooking, administration, etc...

- Respect different beliefs, ideologies and personal differences

of the participants.

- Stay in the field during the scheduled period.

- Respect the rules of the internal system and coexistence of

each camp, which will include: accept the directions of those

responsible for the activity; comply, in general, the schedules,

do not consume alcohol or other drugs in the facility or where

the work camp develops fieldworks, and do not make use of private

vehicles for the duration of the work camp.

ACCOMMODATION.- San Francisco Sports Centre Gymnasium - Avenida

Daute, s/n - Buenavista del Norte (Tenerife).

It has toilets, baths, showers and rooms with individual/bunk


The dining room is at Nicolбs Dнaz Dorta School.

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